Friends of Kris Humphries: Peeved Over Myla Sinanaj, Lies

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According to a new report, friends of Kris Humphries are pissed that the New Jersey Nets power forward has been secretly dating Myla Sinanaj for months... and we know what you're thinking:

Kris Humphries has friends?!?

Apparently. And TMZ says those close to the former reality star simply cannot believe he's been lying to them about his romantic interludes, which include at least two nights spent this week with Sinanaj.

Kris Humphries in Plaid

Humphries allegedly told pals he was done with Myla, considering he stuck the FBI on her a couple months ago after she supposedly tried to extort him by threatening to reveal details of his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Confronted about his rekindled relationship with Sinanaj - if it even ended in the first place, that is - by loved ones, Kris reportedly ignored the question and changed the subject.

Seems like the sort of immature response we'd expect from Humphries, really. We can totally understand what you see in him, Myla.



@deon "According to what was reported she lied bigtime". First of all ur not stating a fact so u lose shut up


Ihope she is charge with pergery. They are both liars he says he was going to sue her for lying that they are going out and she also
say that she was pregant, she say that she was suing him for lying.
Couple weeks later she denied the story on oath. They are still seeing each other, he lies about every thing, he said he did not give his one night sex lady herpes. He ask Kim to marry him she did
not force him and now she wants a divorce he is sayig she only marry
him for rating and wont divorce her. He is a liar and an idiot. He
should pay the lawers fee.


Correction: Have Kim dammed.


Accordimg to what was reported she lied bigtime. Anytime a website posts something that is not n favor of shithead, one of his followers comes with something negative about the webaite or blames everything on Kim. But all shithead has to do ia say something and followers immediately have her dammed. U shithead followers r such hupocrites'


Did you hear her Beth? Where you there_please tell me what else she said on the stand!


She lied on the stand. I hope they get her ass and his.


THG and TMZ are such a joke get a life ppl... They don't wanna land up on gossip sites that's why they being super private. I guess ur next post is gonna be about Him giving her his car right? Ur a day behind

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