Fiona Apple: There Are No F*%king Lock Boxes!

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Fiona Apple is changing her tune.

The singer now claims she desperately regrets her arrest for hashish last week, since the story is taking ALL THE PUBLICITY away from her new album ... right.

Fiona Apple Mug Shot

At the House of Blues in New Orleans this week, Apple told the crowd, "This record with me ... I'm really sorry ... All the work we did is being overshadowed by this bull$h!t."

Or actually getting attention because of it. Either/or.

Fiona was making an obvious reference to the drug bust, after which she lambasted Hudspeth County, Texas police officers for allegedly mistreating her in jail.

Then, in a bizarre moment on stage the other night, Fiona Apple ranted about the abuses, claiming she had a "lockbox" full of information she could use against the officers.

But Tuesday night she took it all back.

"There are no f**king lock boxes, she said. "I didn't make up a code. It was my way to make a parallel between the south. I am not that f**ked up."

Whatever. We all know that incident is the only reason we're talking about the "Criminal" singer today. Which is fine, just cool it with all the victimization.

As the sheriff's spokesman said, shut up and sing.

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