Extended X Factor Promo: Loving Britney, Dissing Demi

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There's a very good chance that Khloe Kardashian hosts The X Factor Season 2.

While potential viewers allow that bad news to sink in, Fox has unveiled an extended promo for this singing competition that focuses on nothing but bad auditions.

Watch below to see a man claiming to honor Britney Spears by destroying her single "Circus," along with an even less talented contestant responding to criticism from Demi Lovato by sniping "You use auto-tune and I don't."

Damn, yo! Fortunately, Britney is there to side with her fellow judge, replying to his diss with: "I want to know who let you on stage. Because I feel uncomfortable with you even staring at me."

It's about to be on, THGers. The X Factor returns on September 12...


WTF?? demi is like, the best singer EVER! go and listen to her live on youtube b4 u come here and say she is not an amazing singer! damn i cant believe this -.- !! demi is the best! an amazing woman, an amazing singer, an amazing actress and the best role model ever!


Well, doesn't she? I've heard auto-tuning in pretty much every Demi Lovato song I've ever heard. She's not actually very talented. She's not bad, but definitely doesn't deserve to be a judge on a talent show like this. They should have gotten someone a little more experienced, like Michelle Branch, Alicia Keys, or Leona Lewis.


Britney looks stoned!!


What da hell give demi a chance she's probably likes it there but do u guys at x factor


come on give demi a break