Evelyn Lozada: NO Reconciliation With Chad Johnson!

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If Chad Johnson's Evelyn Lozada tattoo was/is an attempt at patching things up, what he may have instead is a permanent reminder of what he lost.

She's not taking him back.

Lozada is adamant that they are over after his arrest on August 11 for domestic battery. "You can't repair this," she told People. "You just can't."

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After a nuclear argument set off by a receipt for condoms in their car, Lozada went to the hospital for stitches, and Johnson spent a night in jail.

An upcoming reality show starring the couple, Ev and Ocho, was canceled by VH1, and he was also cut by the Miami Dolphins within two days.

She filed for divorce from the NFL star the following week.

And while Lozada admits that she'll "always have love" for her husband (of just 41 days), she can't see them working things out in the future.

"This is something you should never tolerate," says the Basketball Wives reality star, who hopes to inspire victims of domestic abuse to get help.

"I don't care what the situation is – or who the man is."

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I really hope she give him another chance, by her giving up the way she did on her MARRIAGE shows the immuturity of there relationship. She should have left him for awhile to teach him a lession, went to counsiling and WORKED IT OUT. Thats whas wrong with our generation, ready to up and leave and not Fight for your family. it should have took way more then that to file for a divorce, you go harder and fight harder for your Marriage, it should have took way more then that to go as far as a divorce. smh but I really pray they work it out and fight for there love and marrige, I believe they can get threw this. I really do. Dont worry about the media, do what ya think is best for ya!!!!


Um excuse me none of y'all was dher or n dhey relationship so therefore don't be quick to judge or put false information out with no facts to back up . Worry bout y'all selves n get yahh life..thank u juss saying


Rosie, I was thinking the same exact thing...No way is she going back to him now...he's jobless! It's really hard to feel sympathetic for this chick when she only dates athletes. She obviously dates them for money and she knows going into it they will likely cheat. Definitely not saying cheating is right, but how could she have been so shocked and mad when she saw that condom receipt? She KNEW what she was getting into. This girl has the WORST attitude and the WORST temper(as seen on Basketball Wives). Dumb bitch needs to be alone for awhile to work on herself. Stop trying to use others for their money!


No way she gong back cuz he has no job and she's all about the $$! Wake up chad, that bitch has a cash register for a heart and never gave a flying fuck in a rainbows skittle for you

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