Emily Maynard and Jef Holm on Good Morning America: We Are SO Happy!

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Despite what some celebrity gossip sources (cough, Us Weekly) would like you to believe, Emily Maynard and Jef Holm are so totally not on the rocks.

On Good Morning America today, The Bachelorette couple put on a united front ... which is probably just their actual front. They're totes in love.

"It's crazy," Jef said of reports that Emily Maynard was sexting some other man. "That’s just tabloid stuff ... rumors written about us and it's not true."

"Emily and I are so happy. We're great, we’re in love and we’re happy."

The rumors started, and were fueled a second time when Jef Holm's brother confirmed he leaked the story, and swore it was 100 percent true.

This left the People Water company CEO thoroughly baffled.

"I don’t know if he even knows why he did that," he says of the cheating allegations, which he denied again. "But I love my family and I love my brother."

"I support him and I know he supports us as a couple."

Holm went on to discuss his recent move to Charlotte, with Emily saying that they'll begin "chill" wedding planning after he gets settled.

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm: Built to last?


Emily is very security conscious, she needs to be center of attention and the spotlight. Jef provides the security she needs.Whether it lasts or not remains to be seen.I am sure Emily doesn't want to be known as the woman on tv who lost twice so she may roll the dice. Sean and Arie are much better off without her no questions about it.


If Arie was worth more than Jef Emily, would have chosen him instead. Arie is better off. Never liked Jef anyway. She looks like a cougar next to him.


Man...looking back on it all now, Sean dodged a huge-ass bullet by losing Emily to Jef. And, baja perfectly took the words right out of my mouth...a SHAM is EXACTLY what it is!!!!!


Jeff provides financial security and that is why she choosed him. She was really in love with Arie and that was absolutely obvious... but no financial security with him. I guess if you have to fall in love .....you might choose the one with money. MB


It is common knowledge around SLC that his brother is mentally ill


Sounds like they are covering it up. Seriously, why would his own brother make it up?


when people say these things in public.......A SHAM IS GOING ON!!

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