Eastwooding: Empty-Chair Meme Explodes After Actor's RNC Speech

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The biggest story to come out of Thursday's conclusion of the Republican National Convention was not Mitt Romney's acceptance specch, but #Eastwooding.

Eastwooding being the Twitter hashtag for parodies, jokes and memes at the expense of acting legend Clint Eastwood's unusual, yet highly entertaining speech.

The 82-year-old debated an invisible Obama in an empty chair in what had to be the strangest endorsement of Romney all week, and the Internet went nuts.

Here's the original photo - angled so Invisible Obama still uses a teleprompter (subtly hilarious) - along with some of our favorite celebrity-based parodies:


Clint expressing utter disgust with Keanu Reeves' first term:

Clint Eastwood and Keanu Reeves

Clint debating Paris Hilton (basically an empty void of air):

Clint Eastwood, Paris Hilton

President Obama actually showing up for the debate:

Clint Eastwood, Barack Obama

Clint debating the Princess Leia hologram from Star Wars:

Clint Eastwood, Princess Leia

McKayla Maroney is not impressed by the stunt (or most other things):

McKayla Maroney Not Impressed With Eastwooding

And finally, a confounding and disbelieving text from Hillary Clinton ...

HRC Eastwooding

Clint's speech awesome and he is a great actor. He spoke from the heart as an American, not a diatribe speech directed at a certain political party. Most ppl who vote for Obama don't even know the damage he's doing or know why they are voting for him. In Arizona, rep elected a gay sheriff who has conservative values but he's openly gay. U can be gay or colored and still be conservative.. Not everyone in Hollywood is a tool for the left. There Are ppl who can think for themselves and republicans/conservatives can think for themselves whereas lib/dem think w the masses.


Clint's speech was the highlight of the RNC?! Apparently it was the best they could do. He wasn't even accurate as far as the true number of unemployed in this country. Everything in its season. Clint should consider retiring from the big and little screen. I think President Obama said it best. "This seat is taken." I know which lever I'll be pulling in Nov. Obama 2012!!


I'm not a politician but I listen,; Clint Eastwood good actor for many years and he is a good person who wants the best for the country and spoke what he had in his mind and I like it because is the truth. Good job Clint you also made me laugh .


Clint would nt be a legend without fans, and alot of those fans have been minorities! Besides his old ass on his way out anyway just like the gop base as a whole, old tired scared white males!


It'll be interesting to see how many Hollywoodites will come out against Eastwood. He is a producer and director STILL....he's done some great work! Think maybe the actors of Hollywood realize which side their bread's buttered on. You know how that old threat goes from Tinseltown, "You'll never again in this town again!" Beware young, liberal celebrity upstarts---Uncle Clint could pass over your activitst a**es with his next film...probably has the clout to keep you out of others' productions, too! Clint's one of those Hollywood players that can look at what he helped his film industry achieve and stare into Obama's eyes and say, "Yeah, I helped BUILD this!"

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