Drew Peterson Convicted of Murder

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A jury convicted Drew Peterson of murdering his third wife Thursday, ending a five-year legal saga as confusing as it is complicated and cold-blooded.


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    Plenty of mutters in jail, someone will kill him. Place your bets now,


    Good one Peach!


    I hate Drew too. He's a smirking chimp cop that thinks he's smarter than everybody else. In this case he was. Nothing from Illinois surprises me. The last two Governors are serving prison sentences, but when the only way to convict a murderer is to create retroactive legislation in the middle of the investigation, the entire system is broken. This was legislatively sanctioned prosecutoral misconduct. Today it put scumbag Drew in prison for life. Tomorrow, your freedom may depend on the quality of hearsay evidence. You could be convicted of a crime with anecdotes from a high school enemy.

    In the long run it may have been better for Peterson to walk than to allow prosecution by gossip. Only time will tell but it concerns me that Illinois is on the cutting edge of this type of law. Illinois would make a lousy hearsay witness.


    So now the US not only tortures prisoners of war, kills its citizens without charge or trial, wages war of aggression (the worst international crime, according to the Nuremburg Tribunals) and uses the equivalent of General Warrants against its own citizens (which it fought the Revolutionary War over to put a stop to by King George) - but NOW its courts allow hearsay evidence! So much for the Constitutional right to face your accusers. What a banana republic.


    Look at him smirking in the photo! Incredulous! He should be used as target practice at a gun range.


    he doesn't sleep well lately.......


    i hate to say it but if it's as shaky as is sounds he'll run a good chance of release on appeal, i can only pray he becomes a belt loop bitch, hey maybe he & scott peterson can hook up, nope wrong state, plus remember *x cop*!


    This day couldn't come soon enough! Burn in hell @$$hole




    Smile now.Soon you'll be someones bitch, maybe get your ass beat like everyday all day til you die a miserable horrible agonzing painful death or maybe.....just maybe you take a razor to your throat and wrap it up yourself. Bastard!

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