Dina Lohan to Amanda Bynes' Parents: WHERE ARE YOU?!

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The comparisons were inevitable.

With Amanda Bynes' erratic behavior making headlines, and Lindsay Lohan Tweeting about the how legal system treats her better, the two hot messes are easily linked.

Naturally, Entertainment Tonight asked LiLo's mom Dina - in her first interview since her bizarre, possibly drunk sit-down with Dr. Phil - what Amanda's parents should do:

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"You know, I'm a mother, and I feel that that's for her mother to speak about, and not me, because people have spoken for my child and myself," Dina explained.

"I really feel that's for her parents to discuss and Amanda herself."

"Just be around. It's hard when your daughter's not, you know, over 18, and you want to let them go … and they want to, you know, feel like they're in control of themselves."

"So it's a very strategic place for a parent to be, but she'll be ok."

Sure thing Dina. Putting aside the obvious ridiculousness of Dina Lohan giving advice to anyone about anything, let alone parenting, we gott ask:

Who's the bigger mess?


The drunk drug addled piece of shit has a lot of nerve. How's Ali's rehab coming along? You didn't seem to have issues why your prized pig got her hooked on dope and pills. Why does this woman still have custody of her under aged child?

@ Really, Dina?

Lol, there's no Ali rehab. What are you talking about. Ali is quietly doing her modeling without the press knowing about it. She is the face of the Korean brand Tasse Tase, is on the cover of the Korean magazine Singles for Oct 2012 and her Next portfolio has just been updated with new shots from a magazine shoot done in Korea. Dina is trying to get out the story of verbal and physical abuse and improve her image. She's been almost totally ineffective trying to do so.

@ Really, Dina?

your right ! thats what im talking about.

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