Dina Lohan on Dr. Phil: What a Train Wreck!

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She can try to blame it on editing all she wants, but Dina Lohan's interview on Dr. Phil certainly lived up to its insane billing. Woman is either drunk or off her rocker.

We recap the highlights of Dina Lohan on Dr. Phil below ...

Dina Lohan on Dr. Phil Show
  • Asking "Are we rolling?" numerous times. No, you're not rolling. Moron.
  • Trying, and failing, to fist-bump the TV doc. So awkward and hilarious.
  • Smirking and saying "the truth will prevail" without elaborating at all.
  • Responding by sticking up both middle fingers, flipping off the host and his entire crew after Phil deigned to call Lindsay's mom a "fraud" and "inauthentic."
  • Describing why she didn't call for help the time Michael Lohan broke into her house, Dina explained that "Cell phones weren't as inept as they are now so I didn't really have that." Phil's reply: "that word (inept) doesn't fit in that sentence."

  • Responding to tough questions, "You're in your little, tie, your little shoes." "I'm in my little tie and my little shoes?" Phil asks. "What the hell does that mean?" 
  • Leaving Phil speechless, expressionless and emotionless most of the time. His face was the highlight of the interview, if only because he was clearly stupefied.

If nothing else, we sympathize with Lindsay Lohan more now. Upbringing matters a lot in life, and she drew just about the shortest straw there is in that regard.


After watching that interview I can't believe I'm actually admitting that Michael may actually be the better parent.


It has been over 30 years that I lived with a drunk but when I see one all those horrible horrible memories come back when I see one. I feel so badly for her children I don't have the proper words and now I know why her child is so messed up she has no idea where to go or what to do to get straight because she has lived in such a horrible home. What I want to know is why weren't all of these children not taken away from these "parents" right away so they would have had a chance to live in a good home. She makes me so ill I want to vomit sitting there so drunk or high on drugs as though everything is just fine.


One wants to weep. No wonder her daughter is so messed up. The whole bit about how five of those things wouldn't have been on the list had she not been in New York only serves toindicate the solipsistic ( totally, completely self-absorbed)cluelessness of this woman, who really must be the worst stage mom since Teri Shields. Dina Lohan acts like she's drunk. Or drunk and on coke too.


I know I am going out on a limb with this but seriously should this even be shown? Shouldn't Dr. Phil have used his integrity as a doctor and ordered the tape destroyed...oh wait....that's right, he has no integrity, look how he ran his mouth about britney spears.


With those two as parents, LiLo would have had to be a smart strong kid to grow up well. Unfortunately, her behavior shows she seems to have been neither. What a shame! So much promise - gone!!!


Funny how Lindsay is more mature than her parents are.


I couldn't believe what I saw. I was mortified for her & her family, especially Lindsay. She was a slovenly mess, constantly interrupting Dr. Phil, using words inappropriately eg: "cell phones were inept then", fidgeting, perspiring, it goes on & on. That woman needs some serious help, sooner, rather than later.


Her ex husband said she got $50,000 for that interview.


I'm going to assume she was paid for this interview. That's why we are hearing all this drivel!!


I guess the apple DOESN'T fall far from the tree.

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