Did Rihanna Call Drake & Lil Wayne A$$holes at VMAs?!

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This is an interesting footnote to the kiss between Rihanna and Chris Brown at last night's MTV Video Music Awards ... she's apparently not a big Drake fan.

In the video below - taken seconds after Drake and Lil' Wayne and crew went to go claim their award for Best Hip-Hop Video - the camera zooms in on Rih.

She appears to be mouthing "I hate those a$$holes."

Sitting just a few seats down from Drake, Weezy and Nicki Minaj, Rihanna also refused to clap for the rapper when his name was announced Thursday.

Her (apparent) reaction is a bit of a surprise, since she and Drizzy were tight at one point, and yet not surprising, given that Chris Brown is the love of her life.

Or so Rihanna told Oprah, fighting back tears. Chris also sustained a nice gash on his face during the infamous NYC club brawl with Drake's crew this year.

That fight allegedly broke out over none other than Rihanna, who both are clearly obsessed with ... but who Drake disses hardcore in his video with 2 Chainz.

The long and short of it? Point, Chris Brown. Maybe.

Rihanna and Chris: More than friends?


......you never saw BLACK ones?


Noooo, she wants to "play" with their a$$holes..lol


Who gives a fuck about wtf a person who none of u lames will ever meet said!!! All of u sound like losers and pathetic


So what if she did say it, that's a big IF! I t wasn't right that Drake clime he "was still f***ng thelove of your life" towards Chris Brown that night the bottles was thrown. Mayb she didn't like the fact he said that, and it wasn't true, nobody likes to be lied on, in that since anyways!


Who the fuck do you think you are you nasty ass little bitch? I'm not a ho; in fact, I'm a virgin, so go fuck yourself you retarded bitch. And can you actually name a guy Rihanna hasn’t fucking been linked with? She’s been caught making out with or sitting in the lap of everyone with a dick in Hollywood, and that’s just what she does in public view, knowing she’s being watched. There’s my proof that she’s a whore. Now take your attitude and go fuck yourself, somewhere far from me. And next time you wanna insult someone, why don’t you try using proper English so you don’t sound like a complete fucking moron. Have a nice night bitch!


@samantha-girl u need 2 get a life especially if ur going 2 go around believing everything u read from gossip sites and tabloids. Do u know 4 a fact that Ri Ri gets around? Were u n her bedroom 2 know if she's spreadin um 2 every dude? U talk alot game but got no proof 2 back ya shit up with so take several seats bitch don't project ur skank ass on RiRi. Keep yo legs closed. BTW it was never established that Chris and Drakes fight was soley based on Rihanna thats just a rumor started by these shitty gossip sites u dumbass follower nobody's camp said who was behind the fight other 2 young ego's in the same room. So keep it movin u tired fucktard.


'We made it, bitch!' said Drake dedicating this to Rihanna...This is some shit though i like Riri and Drizzy..CB has gone to far..


If that's actually what she said, then she's a fucking bitch. Jeez, you bounce back and forth between so many guys you probably can't remember all of their names, you start damn bar fights because you can't keep your legs closed, and you have the audacity to call the two of them assholes? What the hell is wrong with this non-talented bitch?


Well said some pretty nasty things about her on that song with 2 Chainz so I cant really hate on her!

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