Demi Lovato Slams Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumor

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New X Factor judge Demi Lovato isn't simply critiquing hopeful singers these days. She's going after supermarket tabloids as well.


In the wake of the 197th Kate Middleton pregnant lie report, Lovato has taken to Twitter and slammed Star Magazine for its irresponsible photo use.

"So apparently Kate Middleton (William?) is pregnant because of THIS picture...Are you KIDDING ME?!!" Demi Tweeted yesterday, linking to a cropped photo of the cover below, which includes an arrow on Middleton's svelte stomach and the words: "Expanding Waistline."

Demi Lovato, All Smiles
Kate Middleton Pregnant Claim

Lovato, of course, has been outspoken about self-esteem issues ever since she entered rehab in late 2010 for cutting, depression and an eating disorder, among other problems.

"And people wonder why girls/guys have body image issues," Lovato added. "Whether she is or not, she still has a beautiful body. Shame on you Star magazine."

Whether or not you give Lovato points as an X Factor judge - and THG was actually a big fan - you've gotta give the young star nothing but props for speaking out in this case. Way to go, Demi!


@riley ur welcome, uv wrote exactly what i was thinking so thats cool for me :p lol


@Samantha maybe her thoughts are important because they actually speak the truth and make sense...unlike your thoughts!!! @ddl thank You Xoxox


@Samantha, maybe becuz she is so right! and why the hell did u read the article if u dont care?!


Why are Demi Lovato's thoughts important? Why do we care about what she thinks?


@Riley, @Heather,u both rock haha i agree with u like, totally!


@jp its people like you who think that your perfect but are the ones with real problems! just picked on an everyday crisis amongst teenagers mostly!! if your tired of people complaining about self esteem stop reading issues about it!


@jp did you ever think its insensitive idiots like you who cause them to have self esteem issues? Im thin so dont say im a fat ass with issues. Not everybody has to be a size 2. And i know people who bust ass at the gym and still arent skinny, some people just dont have the dna for it. Maybe you should go to the gym and see if you can lose some of you fat ass mouth


@Jp r u saying demi is fat? -.-


Anyone else tired of fat people complaining about self esteem issues?? Get to the gym you fat asses

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