Demi Lovato Slams Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumor

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New X Factor judge Demi Lovato isn't simply critiquing hopeful singers these days. She's going after supermarket tabloids as well.


In the wake of the 197th Kate Middleton pregnant lie report, Lovato has taken to Twitter and slammed Star Magazine for its irresponsible photo use.

"So apparently Kate Middleton (William?) is pregnant because of THIS picture...Are you KIDDING ME?!!" Demi Tweeted yesterday, linking to a cropped photo of the cover below, which includes an arrow on Middleton's svelte stomach and the words: "Expanding Waistline."

Demi Lovato, All Smiles
Kate Middleton Pregnant Claim

Lovato, of course, has been outspoken about self-esteem issues ever since she entered rehab in late 2010 for cutting, depression and an eating disorder, among other problems.

"And people wonder why girls/guys have body image issues," Lovato added. "Whether she is or not, she still has a beautiful body. Shame on you Star magazine."

Whether or not you give Lovato points as an X Factor judge - and THG was actually a big fan - you've gotta give the young star nothing but props for speaking out in this case. Way to go, Demi!


@riley :o u've meet her ! ur so lucky. gosh i want to work their 2 lmao


News Flash real role models are the ones that had real trauma!...not those dolly dolls who hadn't worked for that title!......get a dictionary and find the meaning of role model!..... Btw I'd be jealous too if I didn't have a voice like Demi's! its ok keep thinking that she uses auto tune or whatever but the jokes on you!......btw I work for ABC so basically I had met Demi in person!....I'd being to her concerts and just like how she's defending Kate, we will defend her!


@Samantha! Have u ever listen to demi in live?! go on youtube, listen to it, and when ull understand how saying she got not talent was stupid, come back!
she help a lot of teen and adult to accept them own body! have u ever feld bad in ur own skin?! i dont think so cuz if u had u wouldnt be here saying demi should shut up! And i'm defending someone i like, for what she show to us, for the woman, the actress, the singer, the musician and the song writer she is! she learn every lovatic how 2 stay strong and im forever thanksful for this!


*Sliding my toungue on demi butts umm so hot and kissing her belly gently*


@samantha: so your slamming demi for speaking her mind, and not minding her own business... well isnt that what u are doing? see how easy it is to defend something you believe in. and as for demi being a role model.. do you know how hard it is to admit you need help and get it? ( samantha enters sob story here).

Kellie m

Samantha is just being a troll and y'all are making her happy by responding to her. Ignore the troll and she will go away. WTG Demi!


@Riley@Ddl What the hell makes you think I'm a selfish person? Just because I think Demi Lovato should shut-up about a woman she's probably never even met and mind her own business? And what kind of role model do you think she is? I wouldn't consider her a role model, ever. She had to go to rehab for an eating disorder, harming her self, and depression. I don't consider that role model material. And, in my honest opinion, Demi Lovato is not talented. At all. She uses auto tune, just like the contestant accused her of. She does not have the talent needed to judge a talent competition, and don't feel sorry for me "sweeties", because I feel sorry for the two of you, defending a girl you've never met, nor ever will.


@Samantha.........Demi was TWEETING her mind!!!....technically she couldn't have shut up because the words never come from her mouth!...and she has a right to stand up for a fellow friend...not everyone is selfish like you sweety!


@samantha. and this x-factor contestant was so fucking wrong! demi is so talented. she is an amazing singer. an awesome actress, a so good song writer and musician. and m sorry for you, if u dont think so.
Today magazines r always saying that people are big and all that, and demi tell her opinion about this bcoz she's been through all that in her past! She is an awesome role model for everyone. So ur wrong, she got 2 keep her lovely mouth open! and she's so right!


@Ddl@Riley I read this stupid article because I wanted to see why Demi Lovato thinks Kate Middleton's pregnancy rumor has anything to do with her. It doesn't, so she should just keep her mouth shut. I haven't heard Kate Middleton complaining about anything. Demi Lovato's just trying to get some "good" attention because she got BURNED on the X-Factor premiere when a contestant called her out on being talentless.

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