Courtney Stodden Plastic Surgery Photos: YOU Be the Judge!

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The shameless Courtney Stodden turned 18 less than a month ago, but the wife of Doug Hutchison has - according to reports - already made a very adult decision.

LOL, not that decision. Sorry pervs.

Court was seen shopping with her middle-aged husband in L.A. this week sporting a decidedly different look, renewing speculation that she's had work done.

A couple of Courtney Stodden pics on Twitter also fueled those rumors. Think she went under the knife? Take a look (she's legal, it's okay) below and see:

Courtney Stodden Topless Pic
Courtney Stodden Face

Krista Keller, Courtney's momager (who must be so proud), calls the rumors "ridiculous" and swears "she's doing her makeup differently ... that's all it is!"

"Courtney decided she wanted to change her makeup. She went for a lighter, more natural look, old Hollywood kind of look." Totally. So very natural.

"People always think a knife is touching her face, but she's like a chameleon ... she can change her look so easily," Keller added. "People just don't get it."

True, we are so unenlightened, speculating about such things.

What do you think? Follow the link above for "younger" pictures of her for comparison, then tell us below: Did Courtney Stodden have plastic surgery?

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Whatever it is, and for the record, I think she had plastic surgery, she looks better.


Honestly do people not understand that makeup can drastically change a person's look? I still think that she probably had her breasts done before but her facial features look the same. Her makeup now is much more natural and fresh faced, it just makes her look a lot different but in a better way.


I don't know if it's surgery. For once she's actually smiling instead of doing some disgusting "sex face". Plus it looks like she is doing her makeup differently; she doesn't look like a crack whore anymore. She looks much better on the right.


Teeth bleached, red lipstick instead of nude, hair has actually been brushed, and colored contacts. Appears she is practicing her posing also. I really don't see surgery just a new paint job on an old car.


Who? And dam it Honelbadger that was my line, lol


It doesn't really look like she had work done. She just looks totally different without all that paint on her face. Quite frankly, she looks absolutely beautiful without all that shit on her face! She looked so trashy before.


Butt ugly bimbo.


I think she ha a nose job then softened up her look since playboy told her to get lost. She still looks as trashy and ugly as ever.


It is a shame the way her mom has sold her out to that old man. It reminds me of the song, "fancy.".she was born plain white trash, but fancy is her name. Well, Courtney that is. Her mon sold her to that dirty old man so she could try to gain fame. Has she been going to school all this time, or did she drop out? Most young ladies are seniors when they turn 18. Instead of porn and playboy, normal 18 year olds are plannin for prom and college. It's sickening how her mom pimped her out. She needs a good whipping' for it. (AND some jail time!)