Clint Eastwood on Invisible Obama: Just Winging It!

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Clint Eastwood is speaking out to his hometown newspaper about his bizarre appearance at the RNC and "conversation" with an "Invisible Obama."

The 82-year-old Academy Award-winner tells the Carmel Pine Cone that he came into the night with three things he wanted to communicate:

  1. That not everybody in Hollywood is on the left
  2. That Obama has broken a lot of the promises
  3. That people should vote out failed politicians

Mission accomplished, he said. As for the empty chair, Eastwood made it clear to Mitt Romney's campaign early on that he planned to wing his speech.

That is what he did. The empty chair was a last-minute idea.

"There was a stool [backstage], and some fella kept asking me if I wanted to sit down," he says. "When I saw the stool sitting there, it gave me the idea."

"I'll just put the stool out there and I'll talk to President Obama and ask him why he didn't keep all of the promises he made to everybody."

Eastwood then asked a stagehand to place the stool on stage.

Clint says he was initially unaware of the media criticism or the "Eastwooding" meme he sparked, and heard only positive reactions from RNC attendees.

Eastwood believes those shocked by his speech "are obviously on the left," though he is willing to label himself "crazy," at least in a joking way.

"They've got a crazy actor who's 82 years old up there in a suit," says the former mayor of Carmel, Calif. "I was a mayor, they're probably thinking I know how to give a speech."

"But even when I was mayor I never gave speeches. I gave talks."

Who was the winner of this particular "talk"?


@Joella. You have a Republican agenda and you have that right. It is clear, however, that you will NEVER give President Obama any credit for anything positive he's done or will do for our country. At the same time, the polls indicate he is presently ahead of Romney, so it would seem that a lot of Americans don't share your opinion!! Hardly worth mentioning??! Tell that to the Americans who are employed because of Pres Obama's policies! Big business has been sending jobs overseas for decades. The labor's cheaper. They call it maximizing profits. And as far as Congress I think its the other way around. I sincerely hope he does more of the same. OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!!


@Linda Sterling...the jobs growth is so very anemic it's hardly worth mentioning and know YOU that! His policies regarding small business will NOT create jobs only hinder it! It's not adequate enough to garner Obama another 4 yrs.! Obama praised Steve Jobs..yet Apple creates their jobs OVERSEAS!!! In his acceptance speech at the DNC he let America know it will be more of the same and NO he won't work with the Congress on major issues. Time for a change!


Pres Obama has a list of solid accomplishments and there has been job growth in this country. I'm glad you admit that. As I said to expect big economic changes in 4 yrs is not realistic; that's why the American people will reward the Pres with another term! You seem to have plenty of blame to heap on Pres Obama, but don't blame Pres Bush. Is that how it goes? Its clear you and I are on different pages and that's ok. I do hope we can respect boundaries and remain professional. I am not your "hun!!"


@Linda Sterling That is merely Clinton and the Obama Admin's argument for failed economic policies and a record their candidate can't run on successfully. It's obvious that we should have made more progress and created more jobs than were in the past 4 yrs. We were told it was going to happen if we plunged America into deeper debt by passing the stimulus bill. Now some is used to re-elect the Pres. Go figure! It's simply convenient to keep blaming Bush, but not honest. There's no guarantee that Romney is hiding anything. Again, merely part of the spin the Democrats wanna put on M.R.'s return. Put the kool-aid down Linda! Oh,btw,I have a right to express myself however I choose. You do the same and don't get preachy, hun!


@ Joella. From my perspective you haven't won the argument either. Your logic hasn't changed my opinion. Like Pres Clinton said, how can you expect the economic problems caused by one administration to be resolved in the first four years of the next one? By all means, make any point you like; but JC's undisclosed tax returns will have no bearing on MR's or what (if anything) he's hiding. Personally I'm looking forward to finding out. "Liberal ***holes?" Really Joella please keep bathroom functions out of this.


@Linda Sterling I'm sure you would like to keep it in the here and now only....because you can't win the argument anyway. Let's face it, Obama keeps going back to Bush...who is no longer the "here and now" regarding this economy. So it's only fair that I can bring up my comments as well. Truth again is...Carey only revealed a few years of his tax returns..and that's what Romney did. Enough said. It's time the liberal a**holes be really fair though I doubt they have the necessary genes to do so.


@ Joella. I hear you but I want to keep this in the here and now. Romney's "entitlement" loophole is legal (I assume). So why not just make a few earlier statements available? Could it be that he's not comfortable disclosing his entitlements? A lot of middle Americans are turned off by entitlements given to the rich. He might lose a few votes. Or worse...Larry Flynt is offering one million dollars for Romney's tax info. People are beginning to wonder, "what does he have to hide?"


@Linda S. Obama promises transparency in his Administration. We didn't get it. Remember: When John Carey ran as the Democratic presidential candidate? He & his wife are wealthier than the Romneys. Anyway, Sen. Carey only released a few yrs. of tax returns as well. No one complained about that nor did they accuse him of being out of touch because he was wealthy. So there!


Romney refuses to release tax info prior to 2010. Interesting. Why the secrecy? Could it be that he doesn't want us to know how he has used shelters to put himself in a lower bracket to avoid paying taxes in line with his wealth? Its not illegal but he must not be uncomfortable otherwise he would release them on his own. There's a lot of talk about taking away entitlements on this station. What about Mr. Romney's entitlement?! What about that?


Ya i and eyes and really and kansas jayhawk are not sheep following racist matt around like sheep are we?

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