Clint Eastwood on Ellen: Democrats Think I'm Senile!

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Clint Eastwood stopped by Ellen Monday and spoke out about his now-infamous "Invisible Obama" speech at the RNC. He called the response "interesting."

"The Democrats who were watching thought I was going senile," he said, smiling. "The Republicans knew I was... I was actually just trying to enjoy myself."

The former mayor of Carmel, Calif., went on to stay that his political views are more Libertarian - "where Republicans used to be" - than strictly conservative.

"You're socially liberal, leave everybody alone, but you believe in fiscal responsibility and you believe in government staying out of your life," he explained.

For that, the crowd gave the Trouble With the Curve star a round of applause:


America has become so stupid and it's a shame. My grandfathers who fought during WWII would just vomit at how our society has evolved.. Govt wants us to be stupid so we can't think for ourselves like Clint does. Go watch TLC or hist channel and there's no education. Go be stupid and follow the mass media and see how dumbed down u need to get. Ride that wave of the future; Clint has gotten off.


Eastwood is such a badass as an actor AND most importantly, a human being. GBU is the best movie of all time, IMO... Terse and stoicism is so hot on a society that has too many windbags and ppl full of hot air. If u haven't seen gbu, sit home and watch it and turn it up on your surround sound cuz the soundtrack is just as good as the visual!!! Xoxo, Eastwood!




Fully sinile, racist 1%er, thank God above, only the idiot racist 1% wanna beez only hear you, save America get rid of the rest of the people like him, it is happening with time, i wish it would happen faster, we are fighting for a nations survival and not 1 republican will lift a finger to help America, without the people there isn't an America you stupid nazi idiots, either be an American or move to china, iran, syria or russia where you can be with people who think like you do.


no your not senile or a racist or a liar. So your ahead of the curve on more than one area.

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