Clint Eastwood on Ellen: Democrats Think I'm Senile!

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Clint Eastwood stopped by Ellen Monday and spoke out about his now-infamous "Invisible Obama" speech at the RNC. He called the response "interesting."

"The Democrats who were watching thought I was going senile," he said, smiling. "The Republicans knew I was... I was actually just trying to enjoy myself."

The former mayor of Carmel, Calif., went on to stay that his political views are more Libertarian - "where Republicans used to be" - than strictly conservative.

"You're socially liberal, leave everybody alone, but you believe in fiscal responsibility and you believe in government staying out of your life," he explained.

For that, the crowd gave the Trouble With the Curve star a round of applause:

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Fast & Furious leaves a solider dead. The embassy leaves 4 dead. What do they have In common? They were all white. Obama speaks for Trayvon, Holder and the Black Harvard professor. That explains it all. Obama must go.


The people who comment in here are truly appalling on so many fronts. Not a cogent thought between them. Your heads rattle with your racist rants and weak, all-over-the-place arguments about your candidate --- who thinks you are non-contributing riff-raff, believe me, just based on your grammar and sentence structure -- or the lack thereof.


Romney is not privileged. He is taking advantage of a legal option. You are only allowed so much in each bank. With this country on the brink why wouldn't a person keep their money overseas. Where do you think bill gates or warren buffet keeps their money? Who are you people?. Would you feel better if they were rich BLACK people, is it the money or the color that bothers you?


Did Clint know he was sitting and talking to a liberal lesbian


Once again rich people getin a slap on the wrist,whether it be hiding money overseas,dui or driving on suspended lic and still no arrest are made.


I love Clint. Although I disagree. Romney is not the guy which represents Republicans effectly. We are better off with weak Obama because he is better.


So if all Americans were able to keep their money overseas,then we go broke cause nobody would be paying taxes on earned income.Why is MITT PREVILEGED?FINE HIS BUTT.


Then we should be entitle to keep our money overseas.Oh ya if we did we be arrested or fined by IRS.


@lynn- you have cornered the market! There is always profitability in stupidity if you can get on the right side of it. These fools don't understand, middle class doesnt end at a 100k salary- it begins. It just shows you how long it's been since the entitled have had a job. Romney is entitled to have his money in overseas accounts as you know. It's called smart Buisness moves. Get Obama out now! He has destroyed this country in less than 4.


Like I said, I hope all you dumb butts vote for Obama. Im making $$$$$ of him helping out banks and welfare recipients. Instead of giving the money to actual people, the middle class have lost their homes. Then I come along buy for half then value, then rent out (rent is sky high) and will sell when market goes up. STUPID STUPID STUPID IF YOU DUMB LIBERALS WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR HILARY, RON PAUL, HELL MCCAIN WOULD HAVE DONE BETTER. BUT YOU ARE JUST STUPID. BUSH DID HURT US WITH A WAR, BUT OBAMA IS KILLING US