Cindy Lee Garcia, Innocence of Muslims Actress, Sues Producers and YouTube

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Cindy Lee Garcia, an actress who appears in the anti-Muslim film trailer that has sparked riots in the Middle East, is suing the filmmaker for fraud and slander.

She's also suing YouTube to take down the clip (below).

Cindy Lee Garcia's lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles claims the actress was duped by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the man behind "Innocence of Muslims."

Nakoula, a.k.a. Sam Bacile, recorded the movie earlier this summer and has been forced into hiding since its 14-minute trailer rose to prominence last week.

Garcia says she was unaware of the film's anti-Muslim content and the script pages she received had no mention of Muhammad, religion or sexual content.

The lawsuit states Garcia responded to an ad and thought she was appearing in an ancient Egyptian adventure film called "Desert Warriors" ... not exactly.

Dialogue in the film was later dubbed to include anti-Islamic messages and to portray Muhammad as a fraud, a womanizer and a child molester, she claims.

"The film is vile and reprehensible," Garcia's attorney, M. Cris Armenta, wrote in the document, adding that her client has received death threats of late.

Garcia, who lives in Bakersfield, Calif., claims it has caused her "shame, mortification, and hurt feelings" and will impact her ability to get future acting roles.

"This lawsuit is not an attack on the First Amendment ... but does request that the offending content be removed from the Internet," the complaint states.

YouTube has refused Garcia's requests to remove the film, according to the lawsuit. The complaint contends that keeping it online violates her right of publicity.

"(Garcia) had a legally protected interest in her privacy and the right to be free from having hateful words put in her mouth or being depicted as a bigot," the lawsuit states.

YouTube is reviewing the complaint and its lawyers will be in court Thursday.

The site is owned by search giant Google and has blocked users in Saudi Arabia, Libya and Egypt from viewing the Innocence of Muslims trailer. It has also blocked the video from being viewed in Indonesia and India because it violates laws in those countries.


We should love each other because we all are human being and have been created by one God. Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him is not only Prophet of Muslim but he is Prophet of all so all should respect him too much. May Allah give Hidayah to entire humanity. Aameen.


I want everyone in this world to know that I am innocent of this awful film, my words were dubbed over and changed, other content was added when I was not on set. I am not that woman who they are showing involved in the sexual content at all. Look at her face and mine, my God does anyone have any freaking sense ? Look at the words coming out of my mouth they are not what I am saying. This a horrible and it needs to come off the damn internet. Does anyone give a damn about our Ambassador and Navy seals that were murdered ?? They are important. I want my name taken off this video. I was acting in a film called Dessert Warrior. Everything was changed, Sam who ever he is did this on purpose. This stupid film was either a cover up for what was really going on. Or just a man pissed off at radical Muslims, who wants to make them all look bad. I have spoken with Muslims who are kind. I do not know everything, but this man and whoever was behind the making of this film will answer to God. It will all come out in the wash. Hollywood had nothing to do with this stupid film made by this man. Also Sam come to find out is a federal informant, go figure !!!


Mr. Film maker don't do this again in your bloody life. You created hate against any religion.


Film maker what you have done it is not nice. Anyhow Prophet Mohammad Peace be upon him is beloved for Muslim Community. Whatever you have showed in your film it is not the Character of Mohammad peace be upon him. You need to read more and more regarding the Prophet Mohammad. Another thing people are working for Peace in the world but as long as you people will do such no body can bring the peace in the world. You all should work for Peace in the world. But nicely not against any religion. I have read regarding Islam and I found that Islam is the best solution for the human kind. Dr. Jean Bindschedler
Swiss Coordinator
International Dynamic Peace Foundation


Film Director should not such, Prophet Mohammad Peace be upon him is our beloved Messenger, we love him more than our mother, father, children and ourselves. Who has given you such right to make such ugly film regarding our prophet. Now only change for you that is you must embrace Islam then Allah may forgive you nor no way near Allah for you. This Film is fake. You must respect all prophet.


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