Chick-fil-A to Cease Funding of Anti-Gay Groups, Issue "Statement of Respect" For All Citizens

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Chick-fil-A says it will stop funding anti-gay groups, according to Chicago's Joe Moreno, the alderman whose opposition of a proposed Chick-fil-A on the Windy City's north side helped fuel the controversy surrounding the fast food chain.

The company has pledged to include a statement of respect for all sexual orientations in a memo to staffers and says that WinShape Foundations, its not-for-profit arm, would no longer contribute money to groups that oppose gay marriage.

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A memo, "Chick-fil-A: Who We Are," will be distributed to all employees and restaurant operators, encouraging them to "treat every person with honor, dignity and respect, regardless of their beliefs, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender."

In a letter to Moreno, the company said WinShape is "taking a much closer look at the organizations it considers helping, and in that process will remain true to its stated philosophy of not supporting organizations with political agendas."

Since 2003, it has donated millions to groups that promote "traditional marriage," such as Focus on the Family and the National Organization for Marriage.

According to the Civil Rights Agenda, a Chicago-based LGBT advocate, Chick-fil-A execs "clarified that they will no longer give to anti-gay organizations."

The firestorm over the popular restaurant began this summer when Dan Cathy, its President and COO, said unequivocally that he opposes gay marriage.

The comments sparked boycotts, which in turn led to a Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day fueled by supporters. Conan also devised a hilarious new mascot for the chain.


I support you Riley! Preach on! If your gay it's wrong in my Own beliefs I read the book an it says it is wrong I hate that these gays try to make I about them!!


We supposed to be living in a free world!...everyone has a right to do what the heck suits them!!! what if Chick-fil-A was supporting anti-gay groups....its their money, they entitled to do whatever they want with it!...... And by the way.....God Made Adam and Eve...not Adam and steve!!!!.........we aren't allowed to judge people because Judgment is left to God!!....however the right to believe in what's right is freely ours!!!......I have nothing against gay people, however I support them!!!...... By stopping Chick-fil-A from supporting anti-gay groups its like your taking away their freedom.......#SAD


Who do we hate now?


This is wrong gays should not be together! And I'm sorry Chickfilla felt they needed to jump on bandwagon



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