Chad Johnson Throws in Towel, Files For Divorce From Evelyn Lozada

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After initially refusing to go along with Evelyn Lozada's efforts to divorce him, former NFL star Chad Johnson is finally accepting that his marriage is over.

He, too, has filed paperwork, citing the union as "irretrievably broken."

Johnson filed the papers in a Florida court yesterday, in response to Evelyn Lozada's filing back on August 14, days after he allegedly head-butted her.

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson

In Chad's divorce filing, he notes the the couple has a prenup that he believes should be enforced, especially the part about who pays for the lawyers.

Evelyn has requested that Chad foot the bill for her legal fees, but the prenup states that both of them will pay their own if they were to split, Ocho claims.

The divorce has not been finalized yet, but Evelyn, who gave every indication that she was never going to reconcile and is ready to move on, is thrilled.

Well, as thrilled as one can be after a condom receipt from your cheating spouse results in the end of a 41-day marriage and stitches in your head.

Johnson was charged with battery yesterday in Broward County, Fla. He entered a plea of not guilty this morning, and is currently unemployed.



A Ni**er? Wow...Sherrie and Baja, she should have went a lil d**k redneck p****rwood huh?


All black men look the same??? Lol don't want to sound cliched but methinks we have a rascist. -_- lol moving on. I don't like Evelyn. But I'll never condone any man - black white Asian Hispanic alien dog - beating up on a woman. A man does that? He's nothing.


why do ALL bm look the same ?? guess thats why they call them brothers lmao


Yea, I dont agree with the headbutting but I do with the part abt an open marriage he said it on televsion loud and clear her happy ass sitting right beside her dumb ass not only agreed but suggested he use a condom! So how the hell is that cheating?


You make some good points Smoke but I don't think that Headbutting was part of the arrangement.Chad went all cave man and busted his wife head.Nothing Kosher with what went down in that car.He could have just walked away but no, Chad had to add an exclamation point on the whole situation with the headbutt.Both you guys can attack her character but no woman, when she is using just her mouth, deserves to be attacked in such a vicious manner that leaves her with a busted noggin. The way you guys are attacking her, gives me the feeling that you two probably did the same thing when Rihanna was attacked by Chris Brown.I don't understand you people who attack the character of the victim and defend the perpetrator who actually has a history of attacking his old girlfriend.Call Evelyn names all you want but at the end of the day, the fact is that she was the victim.


yall could have kept the comment about him being a cheating spouse since it isnt cheating when you had a open marriage and your wife TOLD you that you could sleep with other women as long as you used condoms in which he did. Chad knows exactly what Evelyn was about but he loved her anyway obviously a bad decision.


I knew this was coming to an endwhen I saw his wife was jumping on tables with a history of whoring like him.

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