Cassadee Pope on The Voice: An Unfair Advantage?

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Does Cassadee Pope have an unfair advantage on The Voice based on the fact that, well, she already fronts a band that used to tour with Fallout Boy?

Not according to the 22-year-old Hey Monday singer.

"I definitely think going on tour and performing a lot has really helped me, but the same could be said for everyone else who has ever played shows," she told reporters Wednesday.

"This just isn't something I've ever experienced before, especially in a competition setting, because a tour definitely isn't anything like that."

Cassadee Pope says her competitors agree.

"I got great feedback from the contestants and also from my teammates who tweeted and texted me."

"During my time with everyone before we started shooting the blind auditions, I was just as nervous as the next person who has never played on stage before with a band."

"I think playing shows and doing regular concerts is a whole different experience."

What do you think? Does her experience give Cassadee an unfair edge? Or is her talent level part of what sets The Voice apart from other shows in a good way?

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I've known Hey Monday way before the voice but I don't think it gives her an unfair advantage. Like someone else said Juliet Simms got 2nd place and she's in automatic loveletter (love them btw) and there's joe Kirkland from artist vs. poets also. Just because they might have toured and opened up or bigger bands doesn't mean that it an unfair advantage because they're still trying to get signed and notice like everyone else. Talent is talent whether you have experience or not. A lot of contestants have bands or had bands. Just because they didn't go on tour doesn't mean they have less experience. I don't think she has an unfair advantage at all.


She doesn't have any kind of advantage in my opinion. Yes she toured with Fall Out Boy, but what about the guys who toured as child stars, or the ones that play at bars and clubs or county fairs. She only got on that tour because Pete thought she had talent. She obviously isn't Kobe caliber or else she would already have a deal and label and wouldn't need to be on the show.


I've actually met Cassadee Pope during one of her shows near where I live, she'd been touring with Never Shout Never, she is an amazing singer with great stage presence. As to having an unfair advantage, I do not believe so. I've seen a few on the voice where well...their voice completely blew me away. It is obvious many of these competitors can perform right along side her and not skip a beat. Natural talent is natural talent it doesn't matter whether the person has experience or not, this show is about finding the best out of those voices and making their dreams come true. As to the Kobe Bryant comparison, in the singing world that would be as if Christina herself , Faith Hill, or Whitney Houston came onto the show to get a second chance. It is completely over the top to compare those scenarios. Cassadee Pope toured with Fallout Boy, they did not tour with her, her band was not the lead act. Her band was "trying" to get up and going. Hardly Kobe Bryant caliber as of yet.


I agree with Alexis. This show is about discovering new, unexpected talent. It's like having a show about who can shoot a basketball the best and having Kobe Bryant audition over person "A" who shoots around at home. The Voice is turning into dancing with the stars. Nothing but a bunch a "d-listers" trying to regain a spark by blowing away raw, untested talent.


The show is based on talent not experience. She is not the only person on this show to play with fall out boy or other well known music acts.
Juliet Simms of the first season for one and Joe Kirkland of this season have as well. Why should it matter now? And why does it only matter when it comes to Cassadee Pope?


She is a star, obviously or Ceelo, Adam, Christina and Blake would have ignored her. Instead they were baffled by her talents. She is an amazing artist and wanted to try something different, rather than the band scene. Javier Colon and Dia Frampton both had a music trial before they went on the voice, would you argue saying they didn't diserve a chance? If you have a negative opinion it is probably due to your lack of actual ability to realize talent when you see it. WAIT! THAT'S WHY YOU ARENT A JUDGE ON ANY SHOW ALEXIS. Have a great day, dont bag on people...not cool. Uncalled for.


The fact that everyone is talking about her shows that she does have an advantage. She had her chance more then one if you ask me and she doesn't need another one. She is clearly not a star.

@ alexis

She is a star! It's not easy to just become famous to the world. She has so much talent and definitely enough to become famous, going on the voice isn't selfish, she deserves a chance to further her career


Please check out my article, "I'm Not Famous: Cassadee Pope Defends Her Decision To Audition For The Voice".

@ Prettier Pink

Saw it and I wasn't impressed!!!!


I don’t think it is unfair, but I do think it is an advantage. She is right though that this opportunity is different than going on tour, and the exposure as well as being on national TV has its own nerve wracking moments. I’ve sung on local TV before and it is a different experience than singing for a live audience. My DISH coworker says the show is staged anyway, with carefully picked people in the industry and on the fringes. I’m just glad that I watch it now that I can do so commercial free with my Auto Hop feature. I use the PrimeTime Anytime recordings so I can enough time to watch another show, when, in the past, it would be time for bed.

@ JimmyMackey

it may not be unfair but it is selfish she had a chance give others one too

@ alexis

Hey alexis u seemed so jealous w/ cassadee. Ur opinion was just way too subjective. Many contestants have experiences like cassadee, why did u write down negative thoughts just for her? :)