Cassadee Pope on The Voice: An Unfair Advantage?

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Does Cassadee Pope have an unfair advantage on The Voice based on the fact that, well, she already fronts a band that used to tour with Fallout Boy?

Not according to the 22-year-old Hey Monday singer.

"I definitely think going on tour and performing a lot has really helped me, but the same could be said for everyone else who has ever played shows," she told reporters Wednesday.

"This just isn't something I've ever experienced before, especially in a competition setting, because a tour definitely isn't anything like that."

Cassadee Pope says her competitors agree.

"I got great feedback from the contestants and also from my teammates who tweeted and texted me."

"During my time with everyone before we started shooting the blind auditions, I was just as nervous as the next person who has never played on stage before with a band."

"I think playing shows and doing regular concerts is a whole different experience."

What do you think? Does her experience give Cassadee an unfair edge? Or is her talent level part of what sets The Voice apart from other shows in a good way?

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Beyond unfair. She has a band record deal and a solo record deal. Let someone struggling have a chance!


I think it would be unfair if she wins. She already had a fan base before she even got on the show which is unfair to the other contestants who were really unknown. Obviously, the Hey Monday fans would all vote for her.


I definitely thinks it isn't fair for someone who has been touring with big bands and has a record deal to be on a show like the voice.


I don't think it's unfair. All of these people can sing it's just a matter of who is the best. Just because she has toured before doesn't mean someone else can't be better and win. Personally, I think Cassadee has an AMAZING voice and her personality is just as amazing. I've seen hey Monday numerous times and met her twice. I hope she does win. She is trying to go solo for a while now so this was a smart move for her. Now she can be seen by everyone in America and they can all get to know her personality and music style. Hey Monday is a great band but they aren't as known as many others. By Cassadee doing this show it gives her a chance to get out there more and be more known. That's what everyone on the show is there for. many of them have probably also performed before as well and the just want to be more known.

@ Trey

its fair because the voice is fake. The auditions they have dont actually make it on the show. To get an audition u need previous work!!!! Cassadee Pope is what the voice is about. Watch X factor if you want to see people that have never been signed,


I actually don't think it's fair she's on the show. She's had a band, toured, had record deals, etc. You would think she would have connections and be able to get back into the studio without having to go on a TV show to gain attention.

@ jenna

She may have connections but this is a way to let her fans know her more and to gain more fans by letting the people of America get to know her. Hey Monday is amazing but they aren't the biggest band so she isn't as well known as she may like. This show just gives her an opportunity to make people more aware of her. She is also going solo for a while so she is probably trying to figure out who she is as a solo artist. It's different than being in a band so it's almost like she's starting over. Hey Monday has toured and has albums, but Cassadee herself hasn't done those things.

@ jenna

Just to clarify - I'm not just picking on cassadee, I don't think it's fair when anyone who has toured, already has an album, etc. gets to go on the show


I love Hey Monday and I love that she is on this show. This is just helping her figure out the person she needs to be regardless of the amounts of albums and stage experience she has. Last season there were people that toured with celebrities as back up singers and even broadway singers who came on just to have the experience.


I loved Hey Monday, and I love Cass even more on this show. Her success as the front of a band has nothing to do with it, either. She's talented, and that's all that matters. Not many adults are even gonna know she was in a band, so why do people care?


I just started watching The Voice and the fact that so many people who are already in well known bands and are signed to labels are coming onto a competition show. American Idol and The X Factor give nobodies a chance to become somebodies and it seems like this a chance for somebodies to just become bigger or more well known. I hated Hey Monday when i heard it, and I still don't think Cassadee Pope is anything to write home about. Sure she can sing but compared to others on the show she's nothing speical. Touring with Fall Out Boy was already a big break for her and her band, why does she need another one?

@ rae

Yea Hey Monday got pretty big but they weren't HUGE. Also, Cassadee is going solo which is much different than being in a band. She's figuring out who she is now as a solo artist. Personally, I loved Hey Monday and I can't wait for Cassadee to do her own thing as well.


Lol no. Dia Frampton is from Meg and Dia, they have been on warped tour for years. Joe Kirkland is the singer from Artist vs Poet, also a band who has toured. Angel Taylor was on it previously as well, she has an amazing album. People go on the show to jump start or boost their careers.


I think it's generally okay for people who have had experience to compete on The Voice, but Cassadee is just too popular! She's already got a solid fan base with Hey Monday. Jordan Pruitt, though she's been on Disney, has never really been able to get a solid breakthrough as an artist. It's normal for Hey Monday's success, like other bands, to take a dip once in a while. I love Hey Monday and I love Cassadee but it's not about talent here, she and Adam are basically colleagues.