Britney Spears Reportedly "Livid" Over Glee Tribute Episode

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Oops, Glee did it again. And it pissed Britney Spears off this time.

The Fox musical aired its second tribute episode in honor of the pop icon last Thursday, but sources tell Access Hollywood that Spears felt anything but honored by how she was portrayed.

Her manager spoke to Billy Bush and said the artist’s team was unaware the show would revisit Britney’s troubled times - referencing her infamous buzzcut and atrocious "Gimme More" performance at the 2007 Video Music Awards - and was “livid” over the depiction.

On "Britney 2.0," Heather Morris' Brittany laments having to repeat her senior year and dons a costume similar to Britney's in 2007 for a school assembly. It ends in disaster.

Many have been miffed as to why Glee would bash Spears, who is now a fellow Fox employee on The X Factor and who actually appeared on a Season 2 episode.

However, the episode in question did conclude on a positive note, with Morris' character saying she wanted to be like Spears because “no matter what happened to her, she just came back stronger.”


That's it. Boycotting glee. Fuck glee. Fuck the producers who allowed and aired this. If any performance they should have used her slave for you performance. Instead of trying to defame the queen of comebacks. I'm absolutely livid.


I am really going to have to check out this episode to see what all the hype is about! I heard a few ladies from my office at DISH talking about how mean it was, and now reading this has definitely peaked my interest. It’s lucky for me that my Hopper DVR’s PrimeTime Anytime feature saved it for me, since it auto-records everything on the major networks during primetime hours, or else I’d never know what I missed. I can’t wait to see what all the buzz is about.

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