Bill Clinton DNC Speech: Celebs React, Lavish Praise on Former President

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Former President Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention last night was one of his all-time great stem-winders, and nearly shut down Twitter.

An estimated 496,222 tweets were posted during Clinton's 48-minute defense of President Barack Obama, and Bubba certainly has no shortage of celebrity fans.

Read some of the best reactions to his impassioned, heartfelt speech below:

Bill Clinton DNC Speech

Olivia Wilde: Bill, lookin good. #veganfox

Eva Longoria: Clinton was amazing tonight! Spoke the truth about our choice this election! #dnc2012

Magic Johnson: Ive always said that former Pres Bill Clinton is 1 of the greatest speakers of our time & he again proved it tonight. The man is brilliant.

Will.I.Am: takes some balls to attack accuse a guy for doing what you did' president bill clinton is the best.

Jessica Capshaw: Bill are a truly wonderful speaker. You gots some brass ;) #DNC2012

Zachary Quinto: There was more specificity in bill clinton's speech tonight than in the entire three days of the RNC. so grateful for his intellect!

Patton Oswalt: Clinton has the "Destruction! TERROR! And Mayhem!" part of LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" playing on a loop in his head.

Whoopi Goldberg: Bill Clinton has given one of the best speeches of his life. Great great speech. He just made the single BEST argument for Barack Obama.

Valerie Bertinelli: Some of y’all might want to #unfollow right now because I LOVED Bill Clinton’s speech!

Octavia Spencer: I'm an emotional wreck right now. Way to inspire and reinvigorate, and DISMANTLE THE LIES! Bill. CLINTON #DNC2012

Alicia Silverstone: Bill Clinton's speech is fantastic. Passion, common sense, and straight talk! #DNC2012

Samuel L. Jackson: G Men lookin' Bad! Pres Clinton doin' his thing!! Telling' truths & exposing the Dark Side for what it is!!

Albert Brooks: Okay. I'm convinced. I'm voting for Clinton.

Alyssa Milano: Bill Clinton, I love you so much. Like crazy amounts of love.

Jesse Williams: Clinton is beasting on fools. Then again, so is rationale, and facts, and decency, and our future.

Kevin McHale: Bill, u gangsta. u messy, but NOT wrong. #factcheckme


Thanks so much for putting up these names. Celebrities that are in the tank for Obama aren't any I want to support. It makes it much easier to choose which movie or TV show to watch.


The whole time I read you- Peach, I read between the lines of what your life is and Peach- its a short story in regards to success, you have given up, that's the diff between us. Go get an education- NO- big government doesn't work. It never has even your Clinton says that in his speeches. Anyone with real hope can see that Obama is not the answer and anyone wanting change will vote Romney.

Wv peach

You're an infinite dumbass. Go read a book stupid.


Romney/Ryan 2012
Bite Me- 2012- infinity

Wv peach

I too, shall not argue, as we are at an impasse. Jobs, the economy, and's the age old argument. If you want government out of your way, I suggest you book a seat on the next lunar expedition. Face it, big government is here to stay, unless America has it's own Arab Spring (doubtful). As for campaign money, BOTH candidates are schmoozing with the wealthy.....that's how the game is played. Obama speaks to a populace who find old money Mitt deceitful and cold. OBAMA 2012!!!


I'm not going to argue with you. For everything you say I can counter with an equal argument. Your CNN ratings have plummeted and with good reason. OBAMAS looking to the middle class to pull up the lower class and all the while rubbing elbows with the Rich in order to get campaign funds. Raising taxes without a plan for REAL JOBS means nothing. I want Government out of my way and OBAMAS looking for more money to do what he wants! It's that simple. You don't know who he is no more than you know what his Obamacare is all about. He wants to subsidize everything and have the private sector roads go thru DC. We will never agree and after the election the divide we be even stronger. The middle class does not feel it should own the lower class in terms of rescue. If you don't have a job your under the zero mark. You can't even say that's the lower class.

Wv peach

You're comparing Fox to CNN? Hah! That's like comparing Dom Perignon to Boone's Farm! Fact is, Romney doesn't give a shit about middle class America. He was an awful Governor, has shady off-shore savings, and wreacked havoc when with Bain. Ryan, who is so against bailouts, took bailout money for Wisconsin. Show your tax returns Mitt.....let the world see how much of a crook you are. Verify that!


President Clinton rocked that speach!!!! Wayyyy to go, thank you, sir!!!!


Fair speech to a 100% Democratic crowd! It's a shame that CNN didn't have as much class as Fox does in reporting but what do you expect. - He threw a bunch of unverifiable numbers out there! Bottom line- Clinton is not on the ticket neither is Bush. Clinton wasn't trying to overhaul Healthcare with a bill that we still don't know what's in it. Clinton had a budget Obama doesn't. Clinton could reach across the table- OBAMA can't. Huge difference in the 2.

Wv peach

Loved his speech! He was a great President and did a good job in dismantling GOP untruths. Obama 2012!!

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