Bill Clinton DNC Speech: Celebs React, Lavish Praise on Former President

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Former President Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention last night was one of his all-time great stem-winders, and nearly shut down Twitter.

An estimated 496,222 tweets were posted during Clinton's 48-minute defense of President Barack Obama, and Bubba certainly has no shortage of celebrity fans.

Read some of the best reactions to his impassioned, heartfelt speech below:

Bill Clinton DNC Speech

Olivia Wilde: Bill, lookin good. #veganfox

Eva Longoria: Clinton was amazing tonight! Spoke the truth about our choice this election! #dnc2012

Magic Johnson: Ive always said that former Pres Bill Clinton is 1 of the greatest speakers of our time & he again proved it tonight. The man is brilliant.

Will.I.Am: takes some balls to attack accuse a guy for doing what you did' president bill clinton is the best.

Jessica Capshaw: Bill are a truly wonderful speaker. You gots some brass ;) #DNC2012

Zachary Quinto: There was more specificity in bill clinton's speech tonight than in the entire three days of the RNC. so grateful for his intellect!

Patton Oswalt: Clinton has the "Destruction! TERROR! And Mayhem!" part of LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" playing on a loop in his head.

Whoopi Goldberg: Bill Clinton has given one of the best speeches of his life. Great great speech. He just made the single BEST argument for Barack Obama.

Valerie Bertinelli: Some of y’all might want to #unfollow right now because I LOVED Bill Clinton’s speech!

Octavia Spencer: I'm an emotional wreck right now. Way to inspire and reinvigorate, and DISMANTLE THE LIES! Bill. CLINTON #DNC2012

Alicia Silverstone: Bill Clinton's speech is fantastic. Passion, common sense, and straight talk! #DNC2012

Samuel L. Jackson: G Men lookin' Bad! Pres Clinton doin' his thing!! Telling' truths & exposing the Dark Side for what it is!!

Albert Brooks: Okay. I'm convinced. I'm voting for Clinton.

Alyssa Milano: Bill Clinton, I love you so much. Like crazy amounts of love.

Jesse Williams: Clinton is beasting on fools. Then again, so is rationale, and facts, and decency, and our future.

Kevin McHale: Bill, u gangsta. u messy, but NOT wrong. #factcheckme

Wv peach

@Jayhawk: you can't be denied treatment at any hospital due to lack of insurance....that was passed via The Hill-Burton Act. As it stands now, who do you think is already paying for uninsured patients? We, the working people, are! How does this differ from paying "x-amount" of dollars to ensure everyone has coverage? It's a shame a country of our magnitude still has people dying from treatable diseases due to lack of affordable and available healthcare.

Avatar read ALL of Obama Care?!? Hell, that's more than Nancy Pelosi and the Congress did! If you did read it? You'd realize that the burden of this TAX will be on the backs of the middle class! You know, that class you think Obama is so protective of! Ha! Wake up girl, and your friend, Peach Fuzz, too! This is a political ruse and the American people will be the pawn here! Denied care will be the order of the day!


@medgirl. Thank you girl for your post. It turns me off that a presidential candidate who made HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in the USA sets up a Caymen Island tax shelter which gives him a rate lower than many middle class salary earners. We all know its legal but it shortchanges the very country where the money was earned! I'm not jealous of Romney but if I had that much money I would WANT to pay a rate equal to every other American. Obama 2012!!!


Last night was vintage Obama Administration & by the way- This is who YOU are! After realizing at the last minute that their "In House" people were divided (afraid of losing votes) on the issue of the Words GOD & JERUSALEM in the platform! And idiot Democrat runs out because now they have decided to take a crowd vote on whether to keep the language or not! He says-ALL FOR KEEPING IT SAY I- the crowd roared - all for eliminating it say Nay! the same crowd Roared & was equally divided & just as loud! Axelrod says- DO IT AGAIN! Those IDIOTS DID IT 3 TIMES- nothing changed and finally the speaker says- ok - THE I's win! I have never seen a biggest circus act than your Party! Fox TV was watching & laughing their ass off! Guess what- Obama says - I did not know they took it out to begin with! Ha!


When Romney was in Mass. He passed a bill where the top 25% of HS students got a tuition free ride to a state school. Who else did that? He pushed for bonuses to reward science & math teachers. The problem with you people is you judge on what they say instead of what they do. Romney was Governor of mass in the recession and cut the Unemployment number to under 5. For the love of god do not tell me you read the OC in full. My premiums are already going up. Doctors don't want to deal with Medicare now. How can you possibly tax the rich and in return motivate to create jobs? Your message- Penalize success? Where does the money come from? Have you checked your math? How can he fund this when people aren't even working? Where's the balance? Jesus- you people are nuts. This is nothing but hatred & jealous towards the wealthy! That's it!


romney cant even make up his mind on what he stands for. it changes from week to week. i dont want someone who changes their mind that much running my country. bring in the era of the democrates

Wv peach

@Amelia: I know, you're right, but I just can't let him get away with being a jerk all the time! :-)


That was to @WV peach


@WV Matt isn't even worth responding to. We both know what he is.

Wv peach

Ooohhh, am I to be upset by your assessment of my life? Unlike you, I HAVE an education, but also common sense. Seems to me Matt that you're one of those losers who couldn't get into college due to poor high school grades, and feels justified in being an angry, "woe is me", vindictive neo-con. Education is suppose to open one's mind to various modes of thought; you are the antithesis of that. Oops, big word alert! Again, you're a dumb-ass not worthy of my time. Goodbye.

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