Bill Clinton DNC Speech: Celebs React, Lavish Praise on Former President

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Former President Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention last night was one of his all-time great stem-winders, and nearly shut down Twitter.

An estimated 496,222 tweets were posted during Clinton's 48-minute defense of President Barack Obama, and Bubba certainly has no shortage of celebrity fans.

Read some of the best reactions to his impassioned, heartfelt speech below:

Bill Clinton DNC Speech

Olivia Wilde: Bill, lookin good. #veganfox

Eva Longoria: Clinton was amazing tonight! Spoke the truth about our choice this election! #dnc2012

Magic Johnson: Ive always said that former Pres Bill Clinton is 1 of the greatest speakers of our time & he again proved it tonight. The man is brilliant.

Will.I.Am: takes some balls to attack accuse a guy for doing what you did' president bill clinton is the best.

Jessica Capshaw: Bill are a truly wonderful speaker. You gots some brass ;) #DNC2012

Zachary Quinto: There was more specificity in bill clinton's speech tonight than in the entire three days of the RNC. so grateful for his intellect!

Patton Oswalt: Clinton has the "Destruction! TERROR! And Mayhem!" part of LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" playing on a loop in his head.

Whoopi Goldberg: Bill Clinton has given one of the best speeches of his life. Great great speech. He just made the single BEST argument for Barack Obama.

Valerie Bertinelli: Some of y’all might want to #unfollow right now because I LOVED Bill Clinton’s speech!

Octavia Spencer: I'm an emotional wreck right now. Way to inspire and reinvigorate, and DISMANTLE THE LIES! Bill. CLINTON #DNC2012

Alicia Silverstone: Bill Clinton's speech is fantastic. Passion, common sense, and straight talk! #DNC2012

Samuel L. Jackson: G Men lookin' Bad! Pres Clinton doin' his thing!! Telling' truths & exposing the Dark Side for what it is!!

Albert Brooks: Okay. I'm convinced. I'm voting for Clinton.

Alyssa Milano: Bill Clinton, I love you so much. Like crazy amounts of love.

Jesse Williams: Clinton is beasting on fools. Then again, so is rationale, and facts, and decency, and our future.

Kevin McHale: Bill, u gangsta. u messy, but NOT wrong. #factcheckme

Wv peach

@Jayhawk: the playing field has to be leveled somehow. Geriatric care has been one of the most abused areas of medicine, especially in rural areas. There should have been a watch-dog in place years ago, but that was against the desires of private insurers and the gigantic insurance lobby. There has been no accountability. Plus, Americans no longer care for their elderly. I accompany my folks to hospital and serious doctor visits; patient advocacy goes a long way.


@Peach The elderly will still be the losers in health care. Even now so many Drs. refuse to treat them. With the mega-billions Obama robbed from the program, the fees for treatments will be even less. The elderly will be squeezed...the medical board will deny them more. The readmission issue will be just an excuse to not deny hospital care to this group. Some readmissions have to occur toward the end of life. It's all a ruse to deny care to this age group and transfer the funds to Obama Care to offer it to those who haven't paid in or very little. When Govt. get involved they always screw it up! Private sector is not a dirty term..only in Obama language!

Wv peach

@Jayhawk: I understand the fear with Medicare, but the core of what you're saying is wrong. The CBO says Ryan's take on Medicare is no different than Obama's. The overhaul is supposed to protect Seniors from unscrupulous practices from both hospitals and private insurers like Medicare Advantage (set up by Bush). Hospitals will be paid less if they fail to meet benchmarks per law and/or have too many readmissions.

Wv peach

Matt, there you go being a redneck again. I wouldn't care if he was green.....I'm a staunch Democrat who supports the President. Leave color out of this please....America is made up of all creeds. You're showing your ignorance again (as usual).


@Daina- the list of actors above haven't made a decent movie in years. They are hoping the Liberal Producers will " Flip them a script" but nobody is buying tickets to see these radicals- ask SAMUEL L JACKSON! He hasnt made a movie worth watching since he threw a fit and trashed the whites in the tea party! He forgot who was paying the bills! Alicia Silverstone? What has it been- 14 years since she has been on the silver screen! Jesus! At least Pitt & Angelina have enough sense to shut up.


YOU ARE RIGHT! That was a giveaway not a bailout- Biden is a Clown!


Biden is saying that Obama saved the auto industry. Ha! The bulk of the stimlus money went for auto union pensions....Obama saved the UNION PENSIONS! It's now been estimated by the CBO that GM will not be paying back $55 Billion of their stimulus money loan...hmmmm thought they were doing so good? The taxpayers will be on the hook. Usa Bin Laden was killed by Obama? No! Navy Seals...3 times Obama was told they could take him. He said NO! Finally, the 4th time he gave in...why did he wait? He's not the big HERO that Joe would like us to think Obama is!


Peach seed- I thought you went to bed! Look- cut 2 the chase ok- You are voting for him because he is black! Just come out and say it! hate rich people - you've basically already said that! If Hilliary clinton was running you wouldn't even be discussing it.


@ Peachy WAKE UP, GIRL! We're STILL going to pay for those uninsured! They can't afford their own insurance STILL...we will continue to pay for that by this new TAX...and it'll hike 'n hike every year! You will pay for YOUR medical health care...but that of others. This is no better! Only a political shell game. As I said, denial of treatment will occur. It did in the'll happen here! The elderly already have trouble getting medical care because Medicare pays low reimbursements to medical providers....but that jerk in the White House stole $716 Billion from the elderly who paid in & paid in all those years to cover those now who haven't paid in or very little. They will suffer. Sad.

Wv peach

BTW, THe Hill-Burton Act was passed in 1946.

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