Bill Clinton DNC Speech: Celebs React, Lavish Praise on Former President

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Former President Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention last night was one of his all-time great stem-winders, and nearly shut down Twitter.

An estimated 496,222 tweets were posted during Clinton's 48-minute defense of President Barack Obama, and Bubba certainly has no shortage of celebrity fans.

Read some of the best reactions to his impassioned, heartfelt speech below:

Bill Clinton DNC Speech

Olivia Wilde: Bill, lookin good. #veganfox

Eva Longoria: Clinton was amazing tonight! Spoke the truth about our choice this election! #dnc2012

Magic Johnson: Ive always said that former Pres Bill Clinton is 1 of the greatest speakers of our time & he again proved it tonight. The man is brilliant.

Will.I.Am: takes some balls to attack accuse a guy for doing what you did' president bill clinton is the best.

Jessica Capshaw: Bill are a truly wonderful speaker. You gots some brass ;) #DNC2012

Zachary Quinto: There was more specificity in bill clinton's speech tonight than in the entire three days of the RNC. so grateful for his intellect!

Patton Oswalt: Clinton has the "Destruction! TERROR! And Mayhem!" part of LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" playing on a loop in his head.

Whoopi Goldberg: Bill Clinton has given one of the best speeches of his life. Great great speech. He just made the single BEST argument for Barack Obama.

Valerie Bertinelli: Some of y’all might want to #unfollow right now because I LOVED Bill Clinton’s speech!

Octavia Spencer: I'm an emotional wreck right now. Way to inspire and reinvigorate, and DISMANTLE THE LIES! Bill. CLINTON #DNC2012

Alicia Silverstone: Bill Clinton's speech is fantastic. Passion, common sense, and straight talk! #DNC2012

Samuel L. Jackson: G Men lookin' Bad! Pres Clinton doin' his thing!! Telling' truths & exposing the Dark Side for what it is!!

Albert Brooks: Okay. I'm convinced. I'm voting for Clinton.

Alyssa Milano: Bill Clinton, I love you so much. Like crazy amounts of love.

Jesse Williams: Clinton is beasting on fools. Then again, so is rationale, and facts, and decency, and our future.

Kevin McHale: Bill, u gangsta. u messy, but NOT wrong. #factcheckme


@ Juju. Just because I don't agree that tax laws should give loopholes to millionaires doesn't mean I'm jealous. I don't think its fair. Envy is not my issue. Our tax laws do give "entitlements" to millionaires. Its perfectly legal. So why not release the info? Is it that he doesn't feel comfortable with what he's doing? Lots of middle class Americans are a little turned off at these entitlements for the rich. And its really not about jealousy.


@Linda Sterling No, maybe it's because he paid his fair share according to the tax laws. You know the politics of envy is so very unattractive, Linda. Take a clue here!


Romney refuses to release prior (2010) tax returns. Interesting. Why the secrecy? Could it be that he doesn't want us to see how he has used tax shelters to keep himself in a lower bracket to avoid paying taxes on money he earned in THIS country? Since its not illegal what's wrong with transparency. People on this station talk about taking away entitlements all the time. In some cases they have a point. Well what about Mr. Romney's entitlement??! What about that?


Tequila...gosh! You've come out from under the bridge, eh? Don't get comfortable there! When Romney rolls into the White'll be off the entitlement rolls! Beware! You'll have to lay off the hooch and get a life! (Wink)


LOL.. can't wait to see what you losers havta say in Nov when Obama is re-elected.. oh but then again.. you people live to serve as trolls right, yikes my bad.. LOL


What a lover of fantasy and myth, Linda Sterling! Ha! Romney-Ryan 2012


Pres Obama is a political/marketing genius. He appeals to every segment of our society. He's got the gay lobby firmly tucked away with his courageous decision, the Hispanic vote, progressive whites, the hip hop group, blacks, women, college students, etc, etc. Americans across the board can identify with him even if they don't completely agree with his liberal views. Mitt Romney could never generate that kind of groundswell. Neither can the Republican party as a whole. Take it or leave it, Obama will win in Nov!!


@FckYoComment: I WISH! I'm doing what I can NOW to get the man elected! Let me dumb it down for ya--Hymie the Campaign Worker say--It beat woi-kin for da man who bow-weeves he be givin' out "magic" checks 'n credit cards to the bruthas for dem votes. Yessir, you be right on dat!


Besides, Barack will be back in office come November. When ppl are worried they go online & complain...aka Republicans. The RNC was a white as Lionel Richies sex options and hac LESS VIEWERS THAN HONEY BOO BOO....YES HONEY BOO BOO THE REDNECK SHOW. Loooooooooooooool Honey BooBoo???!! America Isn't Stupid, we know who has our interest at heart and who has the interest of million/billionaires.........ENOUGH SAID.


JAYHAWK is part of the Romney Staff.

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