Bill Clinton Defends, Stumps For Barack Obama in Epic Democratic National Convention Speech

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No one does it quite like Bill Clinton.

The 42nd U.S. President offered a rousing endorsement of Barack Obama's record last night at the Democratic National Convention, holding the audience captive for over 48 minutes and proving that even a quadruple bypass can't slow him down.

Whether you agree with Clinton's political views or not, his DNC speech was folksy, detailed and compelling, offering a more cogent defense of Obama's tenure in the White House than its current occupant himself has ever given.

Obama, Clinton said, cannot be blamed for the struggling economy he inherited and has set the foundations for strong and continued growth over time.

"Listen to me now," said Clinton. "No president - not me, not any of my predecessors - could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years."

If Americans "renew the president's contract," the economy will get better and "you will feel it," the 66-year-old man from Hope, Ark., urged the crowd.

"Folks, whether the American people believe what I just said or not may be the whole election. I just want you to know I believe it. With all my heart I believe it."

In vintage Clinton fashion, he blended Southern charm with soaring oratory and plenty of facts, such as when he claimed that in 52 years, Democratic presidents have generated more job growth than Republicans, 42 million-24 million.

He then sought to directly mute Mitt Romney's "are you better off now than you were four years ago" attack, a reprise of the famous line Ronald Reagan used to sink then-incumbent Jimmy Carter in their final 1980 Presidential debate.

"When President Barack Obama took office the economy was in free fall. It had just shrunk 9 full percent of GDP. We were losing 750,000 jobs a month. Are we doing better than that today? The answer to that is yes," he said.

Clinton received thunderous applause from thousands who jammed the convention hall in Charlotte, N.C. The cheers grew louder when Obama came on after Clinton's speech.

Clinton bowed to the president and gave him a bear hug, the latest sign that no matter their differences, they play for the same team, their legacies thoroughly entwined.

Obama addresses the DNC this evening in prime time. He has his work cut out to match Clinton's address ... or Michelle Obama's speech Tuesday.

Who are you voting for November 6?


@matt President Clinton is one of the most popular Presidents ever, even more today. And YES! Its very very important to put President Obama back in office.
A man who has a heart, a man who has the middle and under class best interests at heart. Romney is corporate greed. For the rich! Silver spoon born in his mouth.
He voted for gay marriage and abortion and then flip flopped like he does everything. The fact that he picked a tea party member to be his running mate speaks volumes! Look up who and what they stand for. Do you have young children or grandchildren? Romney doesnt care, his are set for life. I could go on and on. NO! ROMNEY/RYAN! YES! OBAMA/ BIDEN 2012!


Some of you weren't even born when Clinton was elected and the reason he looks good is because Obama looks so bad. It's time to get this apprentice out of office. Enough of the experimenting. Get a real professional business man in there. I mean really- is it that important to have a Black President in office?


Bill still got it...that silver fox! btw WTF cares about Monica L these days. Old news.


@meg, Get over it!! Republicans have more dirty laundry in their closet you will never know? Supposedly? Lol „ Lets go back to Nancy Regan hahha's!!


@wtf Laugh at you! Big Time! I Stand my Ground! And I wont Back Down"
Yes, Tom Petty, Petfect Song!!
Obama/Biden 2012 Yes We Can and YES we WILL!!!!!!


good for you "WTF"! i myself wonder if that WAS monica lewinsky in the audiance waiting to give him a hug. wonder if they ever removed the "stains" from the rug in the oval office and if bill and hill returned all the property they "supposedly" stole from the White House"!


I can't believe how starry-eyed you all get over a president who was impeached for lying under oath and shamed us to the world - but he's jovial and folksy and that's all you need apparently, whether he's lying again is not important to you, you are suckers.


Best speech Clinton ever made! He slammed it to theRepublicans! Yes! OBAMA/ BIDEN 2012! LOVED every second of this speech! Stay on your boat ride Ruiney! Your Done!!


@@Matt- Let's cut to the chace just for the sake of argument, let's say that Obama inherited a mess! It's true! Let's pretend that Obama has done nothing wrong! It's not true but we can pretend. HERE WE ARE at 23 million out of work- True. More people on Welfare (47) million than ever before- True. A country divided (split down) the middle. An almost certain double dip recession in early 2013. 2 branches of Government that have no dialog. Unemployment numbers - still enormously high! With all that being said HERE WE ARE! The only question that anyone should be asking -- is Obama qualified and does he have the support to pull us out of this mess in the next 4 years? My answer is NO! The End.


@Gar- Yeah, this drummed up war on women. From the looks on the other side- Republicans are the ones in favor of successful women. Maybe Democrats have the market edge on angry women. Bill is a good speaker. Those are the people who end up on top. The PRESENTATION is important! Clinton squeezed a little to hard at times- 38% tax rate. Not to mention the fact that he damn near got his ass impeached? You cannot compare one administration to the next, the playing field (circumstances) are never the same! With Clinton you knew he was a shady shit but there was a part of you that was glad you were on his side! THAT IS NOT THERE NOW!

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