Big Brother 14 Winner: Revealed!

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Wednesday's season finale of Big Brother pitted Season 10 winner Dan Gheesling vs. newcomers Danielle Murphree and Ian Terry, with $500,000 on the line.

For Dan, who made few enemies on his last run to the title, this time was a harder sell. "There are a lot of things I'm ashamed of," he admitted last night.

Of his constant backstabbing and lying this summer, he said, "I had to play a ruthless game. If I could take it back, would I? Yeah... I was up to my elbows in blood."

Did it stop him from winning? Find out below ...

Big Brother 14

During the first half of the Big Brother 14 finale, the field was narrowed down to just two as Dan won the first part of the final Head of Household competition.

Ian won the last two parts, sending Danielle packing and figuring that the "probability, statistics and a little bit of heart" would propel him over Dan in a jury vote.

It did. Ian Terry is $500,000 richer as the winner of Big Brother 14!

"This is easily the best moment of my entire life... Quack-quack is all I've got to say," Ian said in appreciation. Danielle cast her vote for Dan, BTW.

Frank Eudy, meanwhile, walked away with the title of America's Favorite House Guest and $25,000. What do you think? Did America (and the jury) get it right?


I disagree (respectfully) with those who say Frank played a good game. Just because he was on the block all the time and won comps to save himself does not make him a great player. Also, like it or not, Frank cheated in the POV comp while picking names. Yes, he did and Mike Boogie told him to never mention it again. Frank's social game sucked and that is why he was continuously on the block. If Frank ever came back and played the game again, he would have to change his strategy, check his EGO at the door, and learn how to play a better social game. Oh, and don't even THINK about cheating. Frank got what he deserved - Ian would have won the A.C. had he not been in the F-2. Frank was not the #1 pick of viewers, BTW.


Dan made a couple crucial mistakes this season. If Dan wouldn't have thrown the last HOH to Ian (in order to not get blood on his hands for booting Danielle) he would have won. That was a stupid move and it cost him a half a mill and now he knows it! But I still love Dan, and I am just as happy for Ian for playing a terrific game as well. Both Dan and Ian made this season a good one! Finally an exciting F-2 that kept us on the edge of our seats right up until the finale! As for Danielle: crazy bitch who has an unbelievable hateful side to her needs to learn a lot of lessons in life! Glad she went out 3rd - which is jut as bad as getting evicted 1st from the house! Great season BB!


Danielle was SO stupid right up to the end of the show. What a looser. Shane should get as far away from her as possible. I'm glad I don't have to hear her shitty accent anymore. She made me sick! Joe was another ass wipe this season. So glad I don't have to hear his stupid yelling when he talks anymore. If Willie had not been removed from the game, he would have won... hands down. He was smarter than anyone. He just couldn't control his temper. But for crying out loud....who wouldn't have lost with that bunch of idiots! Ian, congrats.


Dan not only played the greatest game this season, but the greatest game of all time. Possibly the worst decision I have ever seen on TV.


Love IAN!!! i was rooting for him since day one (and Shane) but i thought the jury made the best decision voting for him. Danielle is the dumbest person ever and i was so glad to see her knocked out of the final two. Dan just played such a shady unrespectful game that said alot about his character, i cannot see someone being rewarded half a mill for doing that things that he did. Ian all the way!!!


Dan may have been one of the greatest players in Big Brother
history UNTIL he threw the final head of household competition to Ian. He did
that so Ian would vote Danielle out, and Dan would not have to do it, and Dan
would still be in the final two. And that stupid move cost him the game. Dan
did not see he could not beat Ian, and could have beat Danielle easily. And
that makes him a worse than average player


I did not like any of the final 3. The biggest liars always use the excuse that they are playing a game. I was proud Frank was offended by Dan lying as he swore on a Bible. I could not stand Ian. I thought he was a floater. If Boogie had not protected him for weeks, he would have been gone long ago. I thought, more than anyone, the true Ian came out. I bet Karma is waiting for him. Many bad players as well as great players have won. Ian is one person that played, that I would not want to be with. I see why he does not have girlfriends.
I would have liked Frank or Jenn to win. No matter what, they did not lie & back-stab. I think Frank would have been gone with Dan or Brittany so the coming off the block for Dan was not a big deal to me. They kept saying they did not like Frank so why were they so afraid he would beat them in final 2. Frank & Jenn were not liars. Lying came too easy to Dan, Danielle, Ian & Brittany. But they are the kind oo be proud of it.


Ian deserved to win!! He did not lie over the bible.


Dan all the way should've won!!!!! He is the all time best player ever!!!!! Just as he was the season he won. And sexy to boot!


Ian was the prefect choice as the winner of BB. He played the prefect textbook game.