Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney: Battle of the Halloween Masks!

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President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are vying to spend the next four years in the White House. Current polls show a very close race shaping up for November 6.

We ask your opinion all the time on who should win the 2012 presidential election. But today, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, we're asking ... who would win a scare-off?!

Last night, the talk-show host discussed the sales of the respective candidates' Halloween masks, pointing out that Obama was clobbering Romney in costume sales.

Kimmel then decided to find out which would scare his security guard Adelina more. Hilarious:


this unbelievable and God works unexpected able.


You don't need a mask to be Romney.Just put on a suit and paint your face orange,or as Romney calls it,Latino color


That mask looks like a monkey in heat .Least he will be the best spoken monkey in the world.People better stock up on bananas for halloween.

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