America's Got Talent: Who Won?

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Nick Cannon was right. That sure was an "insane" finale of America's Got Talent.

The summer competition crowned its Season 7 winner last night, but not before a two-hour finale crammed in clips of some awful talent; a visit from Joan Rivers; a goodbye to Sharon Osbourne; and performances by Justin Bieber and Green Day.

And after all that pageantry, the six contestants were whittled down to Tom Cotter and Olate Dogs, with the winner announced as...

America's Got Talent Winner


Confetti poured down, all the acts came on stage, hugs were exchanged and another season went in the books.

Did you agree with America's choice?


Americas Got Talent’s season finale was amazing! What a way to end the season with Olate Dogs coming out the winner of the million dollar prize. I wasn’t sure when things came down to Tom Cotter and Olate Dogs and who would win. I love both acts and it was the most difficult, but in the end I think it was a great choice. I enjoy being able to skip commercials using my Auto Hop feature. One of my coworkers at Dish showed me this feature and how it skips commercials. This feature eases the pain of having to manually fast forward annoying commercials. This feature is only compatible with PrimeTime Anytime recordings the day after they air, but since I watch primetime networks more it’s perfect. I don’t have to worry about changing the batteries as often in my remote with this new feature.


Very happy those two acts made the final 2. Those are the two acts I would pay to see. I am glad Olate Dogs won, and I know Tom Cotter will go on to do great things too!