America's Got Talent Dance Troupe Nearly Booted from NYC Hotel

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The Untouchables will perform tonight on the finals of America's Got Talent.

But it was this dance troupe's naughty performances inside a New York City hotel over the weekend that almost resulted in its departure from the premises.

According to TMZ, the kids - ages 8 to 13 - stirred up some serious trouble at the undisclosed location, being loud and even tossing objects out the window. Producers were forced to step in and urge management to give the children another chance before tossing them to the curb.

Confirms an establishment insider:"We gave them a verbal warning to let them know if the problem persisted they would be kicked out of the hotel."

For now, the group remains at the hotel. But who knew The Untouchables had to much in common with Charlie Sheen?


They need to put an age limit on contestants. Too young--no good!


I’m surprised to hear how badly behaved The Untouchables have been in a NYC hotel which almost got them booted. They do so well and seem so well behaved on Americas Got Talent the news is shocking. I hope this doesn’t affect their momentum on the show and they can continue to dominate. AGT, which is one of my favorite primetime shows, is one I can never miss. I enjoy having the option to skip commercials on my primetime recordings. I can use the Auto Hop feature to automatically skip commercials with the touch of a button. I was excited about this feature after my coworker from Dish showed me. Now I can save a bit of money on batteries since I don’t need to continually use the fast forward button every ten minutes.

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