Amber Portwood on Staying Sober: It's a Battle!

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Amber Portwood is battling hard to stay sober.

Hard as it is for the former Teen Mom star, she's making progress in prison. Four months after choosing to serve a five-year jail term instead of completing a drug program, the 22-year-old admits she's not normal but is turning a corner.

Slowly. Painfully.

Dangerous Amber

“Right now I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life,” Amber Portwood wrote in a statement read on the Teen Mom reunion show. “I guess I got lost.”

“I went to jail because I had an addiction to opiates. You live and you learn and that’s real ... I have to grow up quicker and start acting like a mother.”

“My No. 1 priority right now in life is dedicating my life to being sober. And to show my daughter that people make mistakes but you can always come back."

In her case, she will come back in May 2017 (or perhaps sooner based on good behavior behind bars), thanks to her 2011 felony drug possession conviction.

Here's hoping whenever she gets out, she's clean. For good.

Avatar are a strong women..god bless you...


My HEaRt hurts for you love! I have been in your shoes and still am.. IT IS AN UPHILL BATTLE! I pray that you and your Beautiful little princess will have a loving bond between eachother when this craps over.. Stay strong Beautiful, you truly are an amazing person. You will need a good support system to do right... Alot of people will wanna watch u suffer because there are some sick idiots out here. Don't let that demand get the satisfaction of controlling your every more.. You can do it. I believe in you!! xoxoxoxo


Wait...isn't she in prison? Wouldn't she HAVE to stay sober there? I mean, I wish her the best, and hope she straightens up for her kid, but I would hope she wouldn't have a choice but to stay sober in prison.


Best of luck-it will be good for your little girl


Well, Good luck to her.


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