Amanda Bynes: Don't Call Me Lindsay Lohan!

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When train wrecks attack: Amanda Bynes is NOT happy that Lindsay Lohan is trash talking her, texting a friend today saying, "I HATE being compared to her."

Amanda has a point, in that she's never been arrested for drugs, chasing people, stealing from a jewelery store or violating the terms of her probation ... a lot.

The same cannot be said of SOME people we know.

Lohan had the audacity to Tweet about Bynes and wonder aloud why she's been to jail and Amanda hasn't. Bynes says they're not friends and LL needs to shut it.

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Lindsay, BTW, has been convicted of crimes (plural) and been to jail as a result of violating probation; Amanda was arrested for DUI this year, but has no convictions.

Not yet, at least. Her laundry list of traffic infractions - hit-and-runs (twice), texting and driving, a license suspension - grew again over the weekend.

Bynes' car was impounded Sunday after a bizarre incident in which the actress went at Burbank Airport, parked in a no-parking zone, then just drove off.

The Burbank Airport Police noticed Amanda because of her behavior, shooing her away from the no-parking zone where she was stopped, TMZ reports.

Shortly after, cops noticed Amanda driving aimlessly near the valet area; she then left the airport without going inside. An hour later, she was pulled over.

When police ran her license after that (unspecified) traffic violation, they realized it was suspended and impounded the 26-year-old's car. Probably for the best.

FUN FACT: Lindsay just Tweeted President Obama asking for a tax cut for millionaires; Bynes Tweeted Obama with a request to fire the cop who arrested her in April.

Who's the bigger mess, Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes?




Lindsay needs to shut the f@%k up. Yes, Amanda me need some help and I hope that she gets it. Lindsay and her whole family is fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!


They're like mirror images of one another.


Here's a hint to Amanda. If you don't like being compared to lindsay Lohan, STOP ACTING LIKE HER!


Both these young woman are troubled and in need of help. Noone taught them how to navigate through the crazy life that Hollywood has to offer them. Oh, and to whoever said that Hollywood has a double standard towards Lindsay and Amanda vs.Rhianna, is obviously not watching all of the coverage and heat Rhianna got over her comments that she made stating that she still loved Chris Brown. And she's not a whore. She's managed to still keep it together and have a lucrative career. And I think she's real cool and I happen to like her style and music. Don't be such a knuckle -dragging chauvinistic caveman Zero!


Li Hoe STFU Bitch why don't u OD already and maybe only then u can make a come back by being DEAD! Amanda love ya but get ur shit together, I love my weed too but theirs a time for that and u need better ways to get attention then this shit ur better than that!


With all that money they make, wouldn't you think that they would hire drivers when they are out partying? That does not make any sense to me at.


I love u LL no mata wat, but i just want u 2 keep ur head up and b a gud lady... But u are my gal still.,




@jonn..i totally agree brudda! seems to me like amanda is trying to get in trouble on purpose to get the same type of crazy attention lindsay got and make some tabloids..the shiz shes been doin lately has "look at me" written all over it

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