Alec Baldwin Slams Hank Williams Jr. as "Racist Coot"

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At the Iowa State Fair two weeks ago, Hank Williams Jr. labeled President Barack Obama as a Muslim who Americans hate.

On Twitter last night, meanwhile, Alec Baldwin said he'd love to sit and "have a talk" with the singer "if Hank Williams Jr wasn't such a pathetic, wheezing fossil," that is.

The outspoken Democrat added: "I think we need to call Hank Williams Jr what he is.... A broken-down, senile, racist coot."

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As the Presidential election heats up, celebrities are making their voices heard louder and louder.

Nicki Minaj, for example, is voting for Mitt Romney; while Chuck Norris is petrified of Obama earning re-election.

Williams, of course, has never been one to keep quiet about his controversial feelings. He compared Obama to Hitler about a year ago and was fired by ESPN as a result.

Whose side do you take in his new feud (you know Williams will respond!) with Baldwin?


Alec Baldwin also is the same guy that gets off on being an ass to everyone he meets. He ain't prejudice ... He hated all man equally


The first rate singer-song writers, like Willy, Waylon, Kris, Dylan, Townes, and Hank Sr., look at world and express the feelings in their music. Hank, Jr. is second rate. Hank, Jr. is incapable of doing it that way.


Baldwin has never been anything but a lunatic. He is another washed up Actor. Unlike like most of the Actors who were Obama bandwagon crew in 08 who now have realized that Political talk effects their Box Office- he is a slow learner.


Of course the big bad idot Alec Baldwin the one who calles his own daughter a pig over the phone. Isn't man enough to say anything like that to Hank's face. He says miles away cuz Hank would probably knock him out so hard Kim Bassinger would smile. What a big bad man! I mean COWARD! theres a word for you .


Alec Baldwin must have been thinking of himself when he called Hank Williams those derogatory names. Baldwin is a broken down, senile old fossil who has nerve putting down Hank Williams, whose shoes Baldwin isn't fit to tie. He is nothing but a has-been who was nothing to start with; so being such a has-been, he had only to fall a short distance. He is an incredible bore, one who has no talent and resembles an old sot. Hank Williams is a patriot, one who speaks the truth about the Muslim who masquerades as our leader while handing over our country to his buddies, the Muslims. I don't see why everyone gets offended by Hank's calling Obama a Muslim, for that's what he is. Why doesn't Baldwin and the other Obama supporters get upset over the $1.5 billion Obama gave to the violent Muslim Brotherhood to assist them in destroying Egypt when Americans are living homeless on our streets and millions are jobless due the incompetence of Obama?


Drunk, racist and ignorant.

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