Alec Baldwin Slams Hank Williams Jr. as "Racist Coot"

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At the Iowa State Fair two weeks ago, Hank Williams Jr. labeled President Barack Obama as a Muslim who Americans hate.

On Twitter last night, meanwhile, Alec Baldwin said he'd love to sit and "have a talk" with the singer "if Hank Williams Jr wasn't such a pathetic, wheezing fossil," that is.

The outspoken Democrat added: "I think we need to call Hank Williams Jr what he is.... A broken-down, senile, racist coot."

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Hank Williams Jr. Picture

As the Presidential election heats up, celebrities are making their voices heard louder and louder.

Nicki Minaj, for example, is voting for Mitt Romney; while Chuck Norris is petrified of Obama earning re-election.

Williams, of course, has never been one to keep quiet about his controversial feelings. He compared Obama to Hitler about a year ago and was fired by ESPN as a result.

Whose side do you take in his new feud (you know Williams will respond!) with Baldwin?

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Wv peach

Logan, we shall never agree when it comes to this issue, so I'm done with this inane conversation. As I said before, I support The President and you don't. Let it go.


Continued: I should be happy to give you a referral to one of my friends currently doing research in psychiatry, for they always welcome participants in their studies. Interested?

Wv peach

Please seek professional help for your anger management issues. Perhaps a book on cultural diversity will help as well...oops, is that a term you are unfamiliar with? You and your Neo-con cohorts find it acceptable to lambast ANYONE who dares to disagree with you or call you on your sacred silly videos. Do you realize The President was reared in a multicultural home? Thanks for making West Virginia look stupid worldwide you dolt.


To the mislabeled WV Peach:
I can understand why you want to end this conversation, for you still are incapable of comprehension and honesty. You couldn’t see the truth if it hit you in the face, for you have selective vision. Can you not understand a thing you read? I did not assert Obama is Muslim by association; rather, I verified HE STATED HE IS MUSLIM TO THE FOREIGN MINISTER OF EGYPT and provided the link to it. You are the typical liberal who will support anything and anyone detrimental to our nation. You insult West Virginians by mentioning what you think is how the world thinks of West Virginians. I have news for you, ignoramus, that is an outdated outlook, still held only by those such as you. You have the audacity to call me a liar while you do nothing but lie. You bring shame on the State of West Virginia.

Wv peach

@Logan; Loquacious as you are, you are equally blinded by enormous fallacies. You've asserted that Obama must be Muslim by association; this is a story I'm sick of hearing. The rest of the lies you wrote are just that: LIES! It's bad enough that many West Virginians get pegged as inbred hillbillies still using outhouses. I dare say Logan, your myopic views validate such thoughts. I'm tired of this conversation with you, so let it end here. I support The don't.


Continued---Your comment accusing me of something I didn’t say “All of this "he's a muslim terrorist" repulses me, as does your sanctimonious attitude� is also repulsive to me, for I don’t take kindly to prevaricators. Either you know I didn’t say that or you lack the ability to comprehend what you read.
BTW, I, too, am a West Virginian, but one who sees things as they really are, not what some imagine them to be.

Wv peach

Insult? I merely posed a question. Let's get something straight, I don't agree with every decision Obama makes, but I support his overall plan to move this country into a better space. You seem to forget that politics is the ultimate chess game, with sacrifices being made IN HOPE of better outcomes. Congress also turned down Obama's job act, so the blame isn't solo. All of this "he's a muslim terrorist" repulses me, as does your sanctimonious attitude.


Correction: I omitted some words: "After the atrocities Muslim terrorists have committed on Americans, I don't understand how any American can uphold a man who supports them."

Wv peach

Logan, this is patently false. Republican Barry Hinkley started this mess by saying Obama sent 1billion to the MB, and later had to clean that up. That money is for economic aid, which includes medical and agricultural. My work has taken me all over the Muslim world; it is a diverse place. Finally, I suppose you think John Kennedy was a secret German by proclaiming "Ich bin ein Berliner" too? Incredible!

Wv peach

@Logan: WRONG! The money sent to Egypt was part of economic aid the USA has given since 1979. The MB doesn't run Egypt.....the military does. Eventhough the MB holds the most seats, Egypt's military faction has not relinquished power. Check your facts.

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