Wyclef Jean Calls for Attention to Return to Haiti

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In a new commentary for CNN, Wyclef Jean makes a very simple plea to citizens of the world: don't forget about Haiti.

With Hurricane Isaac bearing down on the nation this week, Wyclef wrote of his native country:

"As we face this latest potential disaster, I find myself asking an uncomfortable question: Where has Haiti been in the national and international news? After the devastating earthquake in 2010, the people of the world opened up their hearts, minds, and wallets and pledged help to Haiti... but lately there's been next to nothing."

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Wyclef, who actually tried to run for President of Haiti two years ago, acknowledges the $2.1 billion raised in the earthquake relief, but says it's not enough. Not when there was "total destruction of Haiti's minimal infrastructure."

The task of rebuilding remains "gargantuan," he tells the world.

"This week, Haiti has returned once again to the national and international consciousness. This time, let's not forget... that things don't change unless we remain active and continue to bring attention to the causes we believe in... The hardest part is always rebuilding - and Haiti cannot effectively rebuild if she doesn't get the attention she deserves."


One day ya'll ignorant folks will seek to vacation in Haiti. All Haiti needed was a president who is passionate about his country. All you know is what the media shown and stupid fools like fish in a pond fall for media news. Haiti has the richest history for colored people...dumb idiots! I know where I came from (Haiti). You are uneducated, media minded people. Media will always suppress rich black history in order to continue the lack of knowledge plague our, I mean my people (black). Divide and conquer idiots!


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:L pissed off America as Haiti squander donated funds. It's true!! Bastards! but there are some charities that actually take complete control over their funds and have their own volunteering professionals administering and succesfully executing aid and rebuilding objectives. It's not all a farce, volunteers die doing this shit too and while u might all think it aint worth it I beg to differ.


@VW Peach Well said.

Wv peach

Hey Wyclef, how about all the hungry, jobless, homeless, sick, and displaced Americans? Our own country is in a shit-hole, but you want everyone to donate to Haiti again? Why don't you call your many music buddies who are loaded with cash? I see these idiots spend tons on fancy cars, ridiculous jewelry, and garish homes. Charity begins at home.....and home is here in the USA.


Giving money to Haiti is like throwing ice cubes at Hell.


Through the money gym porch don't give any money to dictate because they will just go buy bananas and they'll turn over their cars and riot in the streets. They act like animals if they don't get their way. Boo boo hi mom


The country is corrupt!! Do not send your money for them to squander or for the leaders to pocket it! No offense, but those ppl are a prime example of how black countries are Worthless and contribute nothing. African countries r the same- worthless. Blacks should be happy to live in US and not one of those places w aids, poverty and flies all over their face. Awful!!


He wants your attention on Haiti so that you will [NOT] donate to his charity. He has pocketed most of the money previously donated -- enough so he should never have to work a day in his life again. It's typical of powerful Haitians to steal moneys given to help the horrendous poverty in Haiti. PLEASE DO NOT DONATE TO THIS CREEP'S CHARITY.


I am truly sorry for those people. Really i am. However, why are we expected to help everybody? We have to support other countries by allowing their citizens to live here while we pay for them, and we're expected to pay for the ones who live elsewhere as well. No wonder they call Americans stupid. We just let everybody in and support them as well! I dont send money to other countries because my own is so busy helping them, we cant help our own!