When Will We Next See Robert Pattinson?

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So we now know where Robert Pattinson is holed up: inside the vacation home of Water for Elephants costar Reese Witherspoon.

But when will the public actually lay eyes on this smoldering superstar, whose heart was recently torn out and stomped all over by Kristen Stewart?

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It's sounding more and more like August 13.

That's the date on which Cosmopolis premieres in New York City and on which Pattinson is expected to walk the red carpet. He'll then field questions from the media on the following day, despite recent rumors stating otherwise.

"Cosmopolis is a film that Robert is very proud of and looks forward to supporting," his rep said in a statement today. "No confirmed engagements have been canceled. Any reports to the contrary are inaccurate."

Watch the official Cosmopolis trailer now and then give advice to Robert: Should he forgive Kristen Stewart?



Allie well said. I feel the same way. I think people in general should back up and leave not only Robert alone but all the celebs. We wouldn't want them all up in our business. Personally I think we should stay out of it and let them do interviews if they want and give us any info they want to share not shoving cameras up in their faces and then making stuff up to go with the pictures. they give up a lot for our entertainment so the least we can do is back the hell off and give them their privacy.


I Amooo .. Robert thomas pattinson fan .. I am his Number 1.!


eu o amoooooooooo!! sou fâ numero 1 de ROBERT THOMAS PATINSSON!


One of the commitments that could be cosmopolis is coming to know the City.


Oh!!!! Come on paparazzi!! Leave him the heck alone!!! He needs time, so excuse him if he wants to skip a red carpet event where all he will be asked is, " so are you and Kristen broken up?" or , " where's Kristen tonight rob?" mind your own freaking buisness.... I sound like a hypocrite cuz I'm reading it but the difference is I'm not the one pushing into their personal lives and trying to get the scoop completely ignoring the fact that he dated and fell in love with a lying slutfaced bitch.... He just didn't!


What does this two-bit publication expect? Robert Pattinson running and dancing in the street seeking a photocall? Noone knows how he is feeling at the moment and he should be left alone. NB: This story is always about Stewart & Pattinson, whilst the real perpetrater - a man old enough to be Stewart's father - is left to carry on with his life. Fair? I don't think so.


everyone gets their heart broken. It just part of life. I feel bad for him. I wonder how kristen s is holding up. Does sh hurt as much as rob?


Rob luv u much and hope u and kir woks thg out , u no i still cry whn i see breaking bawn, iwht u guys to stay 2 2togter ::::::D


Robert, donot be so sad. I want to make you happy.And I love you so much..and forever....u r my first and last love...


I don't even like vampires. It's so fake. I think the cast is all ugly, too.

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