Usher Held in Contempt of Court, Forced to Pay Tameka Foster

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Score two for Tameka Foster in her ongoing legal battle against Usher.

A judge held the singer in contempt this week and forced him to re-open his wife's Saks Fifth Avenue card, which Usher had shut down last year as part of his custody/alimony war against Foster.

The court agreed with Tameka that she needs that item in order to perform her job as a stylist.

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Usher and Foster squared off in court yesterday despite the former's request to delay the hearing out of respect for Kile Glover, Foster's 11-year old stepson who passed away last month from injuries suffered in a jetski accident.

But Tameka objected to that request and stated Usher was only making it for self-centered reasons.

She then won a second victory after the court awarded her $1,300 to help pay a nanny bill.

There are still many long-term custody and child support issues to be worked out, but for one day at least, Usher was unable to exit the courthouse screaming "Yeah!" over any of the decisions made inside of it.



I am a huge fan of Usher's. Tameka should have listened to him and postponed their court date so she could have got some professional help to deal with the lost of Kile. I can't believe a judge made Usher reopen that card, why couldn't she get the card in her own name? I believe the judge did the right thing by giving Usher primary custody of his sons. Tameka really needs to get the help she needs to deal with the lost of Kile. I hope he had a prenuptial because she will try to take him for all he has.....


She's disgusting and I hate her. I mean, they just lost a child! How can she say delaying court was for Usher's selfish reasons? What mother does that? Not a very good one. Tameka Foster has to be the most despicable person in that court room and that judge should have a serious reality check if he or she doesn't notice all Tameka's trying to do is make bank with Usher's money.


I think the fact that's she's still trying to get as much as she can from usher even though she had lost a precious gift (child( already is sickening. The children she had with usher are clearly a pay day for her and she always knew it! I'm disgusted that even in her so called grief her greed is still paramount. This shows people that money is the route of all evil because I would give up everything I had to have an extra day with the child I lost, not fighting a pointless war. Over money I clearly can't make myself


So please let me get THIS straight...... so want custody of your kids, yet you have a $1300 NANNY BILL????? I'm sorry but ii just don't understand that


Not really a fan of his, but a Saks account? Really? Why is it his responsibility to open it for her? Get your own card! If its such a big deal, what has she done since the acct was closed? Support i can understand, but a Saks credit card? Give me a break

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