Urban Outfitters Drinking T-Shirts: Back to School Fun or Fail?

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Clothing chain Urban Outfitters is promoting a provocative new line of t-shirts with pro-drinking slogans - ones some parents are predictably not fans of.

One version modeled by a young woman, who appears to be a teenager (below), is emblazoned with blurred letters reading, "I Drink You're Cute." Get it?!

Others include "I Vote For Vodka" and "USA Drinking Team."

Urban Outfitters Drinking Shirt

Harmless? Maybe, but not everyone things so. A recent survey reported that one out of five teens drinks, uses drugs, or smokes DURING school hours.

For parents already rattled about kids and substance abuse, it's a jolt to discover items like these when fall clothes shopping with one's teen or 'tween.

The majority of customers at Urban Outfitters are between 18-24; the second largest demographic is under 18, which some groups find more alarming.

"Kids absolutely shouldn't be wearing these t-shirts," Jan Withers, the National President of MADD (Mother's Against Drunk Driving), tells Yahoo! Shine.

She says MADD does not oppose legal drinking or marketing to adults, but "Marketing [alcohol-related products] to teens is not in any way acceptable."

UO is under no obligation to pull the shirts - they are protected under laws that allow the promotion of branded merchandise, according to the FTC - though public pressure could certainly make them rethink the campaign.

Urban Outfitters drinking t-shirts:


Honestly people, does anyone really believe that the sight of someone wearing this t-shirt is going to encourage others to drink???????? Come on, wheres YOUR head at?


Agreed! I just can't even imagine being in high school in this day I mean there is just so much coming from every direction. Parents really need to be vigilant. All i know is MY KID would not be allowed to wear this crap in the house let alone at school.

Wv peach

Totally inappropriate!! Pull this crap off the shelves!

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