Tom Smith Compares Pregnancy From Rape to Having a Baby Out of Wedlock

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Todd Akin may have just met his match in Tom Smith, another Republican U.S. Senate candidate who made controversial remarks about rape this week.

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    I think both these Congressmen need to be legitimately raped. Then they'd come to understand a portion of what a woman goes through.

    As for abortion, for generations, men have been walking away from unplanned pregnancies, leaving women holding the bag.

    Until the government finds a way to make BOTH parents pay for 18-years for an unwanted pregnancy and the child resulting from it, Wade v. Roe will stand.


    I get what he was saying, but should have clarify from the beginning he was referring to making a tough call from an unwanted pregnancy. We all say things we regret. Then, the media will pounce just because they don't agree with political view.... As if the guy said " rape is good" im pro choice but I don't FIND things to pick on


    P.S.,Nice mouth Samantha. Oh, and by the way, they'reactually older than 50 years old, Miss Sewer Chops.


    @silver Dad you made your point perfectly. It is nice to see a man who believes it is a womans choice also.


    He is so wrong rape and having sex out of wedlock are two totaly different things i would know i was raped june 11, 2005 by an unknown asalent i didnt want it resulting in pregnancy. Thats my body my choice he needs to get his head out of his ass and relize its the 20th century women fought and won for thete rights and we will be damned if some assholes try to take that away


    @Silver Dad: I agree with you completely!


    If this is reverse psychology to get the Democrats in, they're doing a damn good job. Retards.


    Well said, Samantha.

    Get out and vote: the Republicans aren't just ready to screw women.


    Good grief.


    holy shit, after reading this i feel like i need to vomit. i hope for the sake of women in america the republicans never win. anything.

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