Today Show Turmoil: Matt Lauer vs. Lester Holt!

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Ann Curry may be gone, but problems at The Today Show remain.

With ratings continuing to decline and the program losing out to Good Morning America on a regular basis, blame is starting to make its way all around to the show's golden boy: Matt Lauer.

"Staffers and producers at the Today Show hold Matt Lauer responsible for the continued decline in the ratings because they hold him responsible for Ann Curry being fired," a source tells Radar. "The staff wants Ann to be brought back and want Matt replaced with [weekend anchor] Lester Holt, but they know the odds of this happening are slim to none."

That's for sure. Lauer just signed a mammoth contract to remain lead anchor. Still, it bears asking: Who would you prefer to see behind the main desk?

And the Winner is?

Matt Lauer or Lester Holt? Which of these anchors would you prefer to see lead The Today Show? View Poll »

While we don't see another staff change happening any time soon, one must wonder how the program will respond if Al Roker and company continue to openly mock Lauer on the air.

It's suddenly getting more awkward on NBC morning than it will when Robert Pattinson walks Kristen Stewart down the Breaking Dawn red carpet.

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I never could stand matt lauer. Al Roker isn't my fav either.
why don't they replace lauer with Willie (Geist? not sure of las name)
He is very good looking, tall, has hair and is nice to everyone. GET RID OF LAUER ... HE SUCKS.


Matt continues to be the reason I don't watch...and now I'm loving GMA! NBC doesn't "get it" so they get what they ask for. Keep Mat and may Ann find a much more supportive and happy home. She is better than all of them. Matt's contract was sheer stupidity and NBC can't back down now and admit it. TTFN!


I also moved to GMA after how Ann Curry was treated so shabbily. If adorable & smart Lester Holt takes Lauer's place, I will be back in a hot New York minute!


why in the hell does it have to be about skin color? Its a news program yet some dumb azz gotta play the friggin race card. Like Nelson Mandella put it "hatred and racism is taught in the home, you're not born with it"


After what the Today Show did to Ann they will never get me back as a viewer. Matt's a RAT because we all know he was behind Ann's being fired.


They should have got rid of Matt Lauer a long time ago. He defines the phrase D.B.


Who cares...they are both lame! I would prefer Lester over Matt, but you still have that total snoozefest Savannah. I jumped over to GMA when they fired Ann and that's where I plan to stay, regardless of what happens on Today. I think they keep "leaking" these dumb stories for publicity. How pathetic!


lester has th barack obama-look.




Lester Holt is cool.