Today Show Turmoil: Matt Lauer vs. Lester Holt!

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Ann Curry may be gone, but problems at The Today Show remain.

With ratings continuing to decline and the program losing out to Good Morning America on a regular basis, blame is starting to make its way all around to the show's golden boy: Matt Lauer.

"Staffers and producers at the Today Show hold Matt Lauer responsible for the continued decline in the ratings because they hold him responsible for Ann Curry being fired," a source tells Radar. "The staff wants Ann to be brought back and want Matt replaced with [weekend anchor] Lester Holt, but they know the odds of this happening are slim to none."

That's for sure. Lauer just signed a mammoth contract to remain lead anchor. Still, it bears asking: Who would you prefer to see behind the main desk?

And the Winner is?

Matt Lauer or Lester Holt? Which of these anchors would you prefer to see lead The Today Show? View Poll ยป

While we don't see another staff change happening any time soon, one must wonder how the program will respond if Al Roker and company continue to openly mock Lauer on the air.

It's suddenly getting more awkward on NBC morning than it will when Robert Pattinson walks Kristen Stewart down the Breaking Dawn red carpet.


While all the comments are busting on Matt, it is really the NBC executives that are to blame! They allowed Lauer to call the shots and paid him way too much! Are they crazy! In a business, it is the guys at the top that always make the huge decisions!
Get rid of Matt, Savannah and Natalie---and bring back Ann! I vote for Lester--he seems to be a true gentleman---not a rat like Matt Liar!


I've been a fan for a long time but I did not like
how Ann was "scapegoated". How do you know
the problem isn't Matt? I feel so bad for Anne
I will only watch Today again if you bring her back


I no longer watch the Today show. After Ann Curry was let go in such a rude and distasteful way I can no longer watch the show that I had been a constant viewer of for 30 years. Matt Lauer must go before I will ever go back and watch the Today show again.


Lester Holt is a true gentleman. I don't believe he is afflicted with the same celebrity psychosis as some of the other anchors. I would LOVE to see him take over the daily TODAY show.


I'm very very disappointed in The Today Show I have watched this show over 30 years. Never have I seen anything as bad as they have handle Ann Curry.i think that she got a boom deal. I like Ann this lady was great. Since Ann has been gone I haven't watched The Today Show since, and don't plan on watching until you guys remove Matt. How can one person bring down your rating Ann was sweet, easy to talk to and a lot more.Youll just walk all over people feeling and that is not how you should any situation. As long as Ann has been there you couldn't gave her a better send off. Very Unhappy !!


Hell yes, give us "LES"! I like Matt too as an interviewer and don't know anything negative about him, but if he's behind Ann Curry's firing then we need to get to "his behind" and kick it because Ann was warm, wonderful, and are you kidding, "BEAUTIFUL"! So it's Matt Nat, Les Yes, and Curry Hurry...back.


No longer a Today Show fan.....What were the NBC executives thinking when they let Ann go.....Matt Lauer is sickening...big ego, and behind Ann's firing.......He has to go before I return to the Today Show.
Guthrie is inexperienced and not ready for the job. She has no presence and lacks compassion, etc.
She comes across like she is wearing her lawyers' hat......Not the right person for this job. Compare her to Roberts on comparison. I will never watch the show with the current crew . NBC you lost a long time fan.


I watch the today show because I feel Savannah and Natalie bring a
certain class to the show. As far as Matt Lauer is concerned I watched him when he was first starting out. I feel over the years he has developed a real high ego. I would rather see Lester Holt as he is more true and profesional.


Have watched the today show for over 35 years. Unforgettable the way Ann Curry was treated. Moved on to another network. She was treated badly, something I will never forget.


Matt Lauer drove me away years ago with his egotistical traveling show "Where is Matt". The Ann Curry issue was too much, does he really thing a younger woman next to him will make him younger? And she can't wear heels because it makes her taller than him. Nope, thanks to Matt haven't watched for years. He is highly paid for some reason. BRING LESTER IN TO RUN THE SHOW. Bring class back.