Today Show Turmoil: Matt Lauer vs. Lester Holt!

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Ann Curry may be gone, but problems at The Today Show remain.

With ratings continuing to decline and the program losing out to Good Morning America on a regular basis, blame is starting to make its way all around to the show's golden boy: Matt Lauer.

"Staffers and producers at the Today Show hold Matt Lauer responsible for the continued decline in the ratings because they hold him responsible for Ann Curry being fired," a source tells Radar. "The staff wants Ann to be brought back and want Matt replaced with [weekend anchor] Lester Holt, but they know the odds of this happening are slim to none."

That's for sure. Lauer just signed a mammoth contract to remain lead anchor. Still, it bears asking: Who would you prefer to see behind the main desk?

And the Winner is?

Matt Lauer or Lester Holt? Which of these anchors would you prefer to see lead The Today Show? View Poll »

While we don't see another staff change happening any time soon, one must wonder how the program will respond if Al Roker and company continue to openly mock Lauer on the air.

It's suddenly getting more awkward on NBC morning than it will when Robert Pattinson walks Kristen Stewart down the Breaking Dawn red carpet.

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Had been a loyal viewer since early 60's. Gabe Pressman had 15 news show around 6PM. 1966, first Black on air reporter, Bob Teague came on board. Sue was another milestone. Al started on WNBC, then did double duty. Other have come and gone. But the way they treated Ann was shoddy at best. When looking for replacement for Katie, I read Lauer even said, Anybody but Ann. Good Luck, Lauer!!


I can't get over the backstabbing move against Ann Curry! I hope NBC takes a lesson from the public reaction. Its your show and you are welcome to it.


I have watched Today for years, but switched to GMA too !!!! Will come back to Today only if Ann is back!


Lester, Ann, Natalie, Al.


Lester is great, too bad they didn't see Amy's talents, she is doing fantastic on GMA, Natalie OK, can't stand Savanagh's voice, immutrity, inexperience.


i was a daily fan of today for years until they dumped ann curry.matt should be dumped until ann is back i will continue to watch gma.


Ive watched Today since 1971. Never felt compelled to write until now. Was watching a few weeks after Ann Curry's departure (that was rough to watch!). Lester Holt, Savannah, Al, and Tamron Hall were hosting. What great and happy chemistry. Did not miss Matt or Natalie. This group had chemistry! Nothing against Natalie, but did not miss her. Matt really came across as phony as Ann was being booted. This is coming from someone who always questioned Ann's "fit". Great person, but not for that position. HOLT,GUTHRIE,HALL and ROKER!


Matt, can you take as good as you gave?


I cannot stand to watch the today show anymore. Savannah Boring Guthrey does not compare to Ann. Matt must have something going with her. I watched the Today show for over fifteen years but they ripped thier heart out when they got rid of Ann and replaced her with Savannah. And dont get me started on Matt cold fish Lauer. He makes me sick.


As much as i hate Matt, i don't think Lester has the charisma and charm that it takes to be Lead Anchor. In my perfect fantasy world, Ann would be asked to return as Lead Anchor, and Lester would take up the Co-Anchor spot, and Matt would be sent off to do evening news or something. But we all know that that will never happen.