THG Caption Contest: Olympic Torch Edition!

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Welcome, readers, to another Olympic edition of THG's Caption Contest!

Yesterday's Olympic Caption Contest featured badass gymnast Alicia Sacramone. Follow the link to see who won that contest, then prepare for a new one!

This shot from before the opening ceremonies speaks for itself. At least we think it should. Given the chance to carry the torch, ... does this.

What is he thinking or saying or doing? You tell us!

Just leave comment(s) below with the best caption(s) for the photo! Go to it! We will announce a winner tomorrow. Best of luck!

UPDATE: Your winner is Carstin. See below. Honorable mentions go out to TaraJo47807, Kristen and peaches. Thanks to all for playing!, Olympic Torch

*sending new tweet* Walking .000001 miles a minute carrying this heavy ass torch! Hope I don't sneeze or this place is gonna go "Boom Boom Pow!" *tweet sent successfully*

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new text message from mom... "dinner's ready."


"Friend request...denied."


*texting to his mom* will-i-am: mom no i don't want peas for dinner. i got to go im holding this torch. i don't want to burn myself because i know i will drop it and everybody in the crowd will start saying, "drop it like its hot." *sent* mom: Boy you better not back-sass me. *sent* will-i-am: mom, have you been watching Madea again. *sent* mom: sorry, wrong person. i was trying to send it to the POPO, but all they could say was YOLO.


T-pain Who??? I carry the torch for hottest beats!!!!


Will-I-Am-I bet someone is going to take a picture of me doing this, and tell people to caption it, and then we can read the same caption 900 times about me saying "OH MY GOSH I AM HOLDING A TORCH MOM!" You know why? Because people are SO original ;)


Let's get it started... Let's get it started in here!


My dad went to London aNd all I got was this lousy torch...


*sending new tweet*
Walking .0000001 miles a minute carrying this heavy ass torch! Hope I don't sneeze or this place is gonna go "Boom Boom Pow!"
*tweet sent successfully*


I better hurry up and update twitter!!! Otherwise nobody will know that I'm carrying the Olympic torch in front of millions of people!


'Liar liar pants on fire.' I'm going to light you up!