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Jennifer Lopez fans, listen up.

The music superstar is currently on tour, and THG will be handing out TWO FREE TICKETS to her concert this Friday, August 17, in Los Angeles, Calif.

All you have to do? Just follow two simple steps and join the fun. Winners are responsible for all travel costs, but the tickets are on us, if you:

  1. Register for The Hollywood Gossip or Log-In if you already have a THG account (ONLY REGISTERED USERS WILL BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN).
  2. Submit your best caption(s) for the pic below, featuring Olympian McKayla Maroney looking unimpressed by J. Lo and Casper Smart!

That's it! Good luck!

UPDATE: Your winner is maluka5. Congratulations! The winning entry appears below and we will contact you about the prize momentarily.

McKayla Not Impressed With Casper

McKayla: Wow, that's Casper Smart? I hid in a car for this? Yeah... I'll just go back to liking One Direction and Bieber.

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Lets see J. Lo what could possibly possess to keep making such poor choices in men. Could it be the it be Chris you already had him when he was in diapers...could it be SATAN?


JLo "ok, one more time...look both ways and hold hands when we cross the street!"
Makayla "Really?! I know he's young...but seriously!"


"Walk this way."


Hmmm, i knew it,he's wearing Jennifer's 'STILL' fragrance!


Mckayla : yawn another boy toy for love em and leave em j lo.


A relationship between a hot cougar and a gay dancer...NOT


Makayla: oooooo you're in trouble.
JLo: next time I'm out of town and I say sta in the house, stay in the house!!


its come on son ur going be late for school


well who is she if they are happy together let them by happy...people will not be impressed no matter what..

Jennifer Lopez Biography

Jennifer Lopez is Pregnant Jennifer Lopez is divorced from Marc Anthony and the mother of twins. She's also enjoyed a revived music career thanks to her gig as an... More »
The Bronx, New York
Full Name
Jennifer Lopez
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