The Vampire Diaries Season 4: First Look at Elena!

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When The Vampire Diaries Season 4 kicks off on October 11, fans won't just be treated to brand new episodes of this CW thriller.

They will also be privy to a brand new Elena Gilbert, as the formerly innocent Mystic Falls resident transitions into - SPOILER ALERT! - an official member of the undead.

And TV Guide Magazine has posted the first photo from the upcoming premiere, which depicts a bloodthirsty Elena... locked behind bars for some reason? That's what it appears like to us:

Vampire Diaries Season 4 First Look

That's the impression we get.

Are Elena's friends trying to protect their pal? Is Damon hoping for a round of very kinky sex? Are we misinterpreting the scene?

Sound off with your theories now and circle October 11 on your DVR. We can't wait.


Umm... first comment: WTF?? That makes NO sense!!! Learn to spell! We're, were and where are D I F F E R E N T!! Gahh. All I understood was "fences".....
Anyway I think this scene is plausible. She could be locked up because she has already done something OR to prevent her. We'll have to wait for October 11th! Gahh... SO. FAR. AWAY! My birthday is on the 20th of Oct!! Sa magical ;)


In season 3 the final, stefan bringes elena to what looks like a abanded warhouse. There where fences behind Elena when she was about to wake up.


i think that nina dobrev and ian somerhalder make a really cute pair... i am really looking forward for the 4th season to start... wonder what is going to happen... i hope that damon, elena and stefan all stay together.....


I think that Elena has flipped out and maybe even attacked someone, so she's been locked up for her own good, or maybe she's refusing to feed, probably thanks to Damon.Looking forward to vamp Elena, I think she's going to much darker and colder than Katherine.


I loveeeee this show its pretty much one of the only shows I have stuck with since the beginning. I think Nina aka Elena is really beautiful. I love everything about her and I hope she gets a awsome movie career soon.

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