The Real Housewives of New York City: The Party Is Toast

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Only The Real Housewives of New York City celebrate a party by bickering and back stabbing but perhaps that's why "The Party Is Toast."

We break down the naked models and dirty old men in THG's +/- recap.

Why oh why has someone let George leave Florida?  It's bad enough New York City must suffer its own Housewives. Must it endure their sleazy fathers? 

Dirty Dad

Minus 20. There's nothing cute or funny about George.

The constant sex jokes make me want to slap him and leave it to George to bring a sex toy to a White Elephant holiday party. George is tasteless bordering on crude and I'm with Carole. I wouldn't sit anywhere near him either.

Carole goes all out this week and hosts two parties. Well, sort of.  The luncheon isn't quite up to Housewives standards.  Yes, some of us might find it OK to invite our friends over and ask what they'd like to order in but these ladies are horrified.  But she earns a plus 8 for the cool M&Ms.  How far in advance do you think she had to order those?

Sonja finally has her toaster oven photo shoot and you'd think she could show up on time or get her hair and makeup done when asked but this is Sonja we're talking about. Scatter brained is the only way she operates. 

But I'll agree with her on one thing. When I see a naked man holding that toaster oven, cooking isn't the first thing that pops into my head. Sorry Heather but that entire concept is kind of dumb. Minus 7.

I can handle the photo shoot and Heather's bossiness but did we have to get a play by play of Sonja's period? Minus 20. How many times do we have to watch this woman run to the bathroom?

Sonja should really learn to keep her mouth shut around Ramona. When she shares that she felt Heather was bossing her around at the photo shoot (she was the person in charge but we'll forget that point), Ramona can't wait to throw that tidbit in Heather's face.

Minus 10 because Ramona's only loyalty is to Ramona and she'll happily throw her friend under the bus if she feels it will give her the upper hand against her newest nemesis.

Did you see Ramona's magazine cover? Does anyone know how much photo shopping and air brushing it takes to make a 50 year old woman look like her teenage daughter?  Minus 9 because it's actually a little creepy.

Ramona's Magazine Cover

At yet another party, because what else do these ladies do besides drink and socialize, Aviva rehashes the whole wine game incident. Why? I don't know.

Didn't all of the people involved hash this out last week? Do we really have to listen to it again?  And what the Hell business is it of Aviva's?

Minus 12 because Aviva seems to be touting herself as the group's moral authority but the more she talks the more annoying she sounds.  And I may not be Heather's biggest fan but she is right. Waiting for Jacques to leave and then making fun of his accent is nothing but childish and mean.  Plus 10 for saying something about it.

Look out!  It's another infamous Ramona hit and run as she overhears Heather's conversation, screeches something about her talking behind her back and then runs off. 

Yes, Aviva, it might not be nice to tell Mario his wife is crazy but it doesn't change the fact that his wife is crazy. Perhaps someone can drop Ramona and George on the same desert island and we can be done with both of them.  I'm beginning to wonder if Aviva should land there too but she's to scared to get on the plane.

A couple of side notes worth mentioning…

  • Luann telling Ramona she shouldn't have been allowed at the photo shoot because she's a pain in the ass.  Plus 11 for being so direct.
  • Ramona admitting to Aviva that she has mental issues too.  Yeah, no kidding.
  • Poor Avery trying to get her mother to shut up during yoga.  Minus 8.  Ramona and zen don't seem to mix.
  • Aviva asking if she can bring Reid along on the girl's vacation to St. Bart's. Is Reid a girl? Then leave him at home.

So who thinks St. Barts will be a complete disaster and which housewife do you think will come off the rails?  Let's tune in next week to find out.



All the housewives for the most part look great and refreshed for their ages. Why does Ramona look so haggered? She has all the resources of the others but her skin and hair look so Housewife of Rural America Soccer Mom! She needs a new hairstyle and skin layering, freshen it up! The hair has got to go!


This show has GOT to lose George, Aviva's father. He is a sickening drain on the show


I have now watched 4 episodes and find myself sitting with my mouth hanging open in disbelief. These women are friends???? If I had friends like that I'd shoot myself. Don't think I've ever seen a cattier, less forgiving bunch and Ramona is nothing more than an ill-bred troublemaker who thinks the world revolves around her. Won't be watching anymore of this white trash group of women. They are perfect examples of no matter how much money or what kind of titles you have, you can't fake good breeding.


Sonja suffers from an overinflated sense of entitlement. What a whack job. Ramona is whack job to the second power; who cares about her and her stuff..nobody and she obviously knows it. The only viable eggs the Countess might have would be the ones purchased at the supermarket; otherwise, look forward to grandbabies if you want an infant in the house. Heather and Aviva are at least watchable, but Carole is a little too PC for my taste.


What is going on onthis site.I see peoples posts have been taken off. A poster.named.rose and haleighs were taken off and i have seen many others wonder.why.


Right on Shelley. What a novel idea! I think that the show youre describing could work with Carole, Aviva, Heather and 3 new hw's. Aren't we all tired of the other 3??? That entire scene w/ Sonja was horrifying. I wanted to crawl under my couch. She has absolutely no manners. She must have been raised in the jungle by animals. For her to act as though she has even one ounce of dignity is a fraud. She's pathetic, a slob and an embarrassment.


I found Sonja tampon comments very distasteful.
When does a woman take a male assistant
Into rest room. Wow very low class. As for
Ramona I really think she has a drinking problem
She is loco. The while world does not revoke around her
Get a grip. No one really cares Ramona


Do you think any housewife have watched themselves on tv and was mortified by how they acted? For instance once Ramona heard someone say that she should have been direct and said you were a pain in the's like she now had a focus. Before all she could say was 'you talk behind my back'. If heather told her she was a pain in the ass she would have been running around complaining about that. Watch the tapes. Learn. Andy needs to rein in these shows. First they should not be allowed to shill their crap. I'd actually like to see real women, with real homes, how they decorate, plan parities, organize their kids, have a personal style and relax and interact with women that they like.


Kimberly, have you been hiding under a rock the last several seasons? Ramona has been highly annoying EVERY season, not just this season! She needs to lay off the Pinot and head to the nearest insane asylum...
Sonja was beyond ungrateful to Heather. So over her.
Aviva seems terrified to leave her own home unless Reid is by her side. And LuAnn was spot on- she has NO sense of humor! Why is she on the show again???


Ramona is HIGHLY ANNOYING this year! Is she really that insecure over Heather, because it sure does seem that way. Heather is not your friend, Ramona, so why would she call you to tell you to stay away from the photo shoot! Sonja should! With that said, I think Sonja is being totally unappreciative of Heather, and Heather needs to tell her to take a flying leap! She is doing all this work and Sonja has the nerve to complain to Ramona of all people. And Aviva's "fears" and her neediness on her hubby is getting on my last nerve! Woman up chick! Stop being a needy baby that is trying to stir the pot but yet backs down when confronted. Good to see she might have a backbone after all next week.

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