The Real Housewives of New York City: All How You Spin It

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The Real Housewives of New York City never fail to amaze and confuse. It really is "All How You Spin It" as the ladies overreact as only they can.

We break down all of their drama in THG's +/- recap ...

We take another look at the end of last week's party and it's almost worth it to see Ramona's hit and run again.  She comes up behind Heather, screeches that she's always talking behind her back and then makes a run for it. 

Minus 12. Funny thing is Heather wasn't talking about Ramona at all.  She was trying to chastise Aviva

A Shocked Ramona

Can someone tell me when Aviva decided she was the keeper of the moral high ground? Her self righteousness even manages to shock Ramona.  Minus 10.  I want to say it's entertaining but it's really not.  Someone please make her shut up.

But that's not about to happen.  Tonight is all about Aviva. 

First there's her spin class for charity and plus 20 because getting prosthetics to kids who need them is an awesome cause and obviously something near and dear to Aviva's heart.

But perhaps she didn't do the best job of promoting it to her friends if LuAnn didn't even know it was a fundraiser, Heather arrived late, and Sonja and Ramona didn't think it was important enough to show up at all.  Minus 8.

Heather was a damn good sport.  After Aviva went off on her the night before and told her she was indefensible, Heather still attended the spin class.  Plus 10 for good manners.

Plus 12 to Carole.  As Aviva's leaning over to tell her how to get a tougher workout on her spin cycle, Carole asks how do you make it easier?  She's definitely growing on me.

Now it was poor form for Ramona and Sonja not to show for the event but it was even more rude of Aviva to yell at them for it over lunch, especially after Ramona handed her a check for the fundraiser.  Minus 15.

As silly as Aviva thought Sonja's excuse was, since I've had to put a beloved pet to sleep, I felt for her.  Sonja's over the top but she's obviously truly heartbroken over her dog. Aviva came off as one cold b*tch.  I almost couldn't believe it when she basically called both Ramona and Sonja assh*les while sitting at Ramona's table. 

For someone who seems to suddenly think she owns the moral high ground that was pretty low class.  Minus 11.

Between her claustrophobia, fear of heights, panic disorders, and inability to go most anywhere without being attached to her husband, Aviva is looking more unbalanced every week.

Will she actually be able to drag herself to St. Barts and will the ladies really want her to go?

In the meantime Sonja and Ramona do beauty prep for the island which includes lots of champagne, pain killers, strange injections, and vibrating massagers for body sculpting.  Minus 10.  If I had to go through all of this I just might skip the island vacation.

And I felt so bad for that cab driver who had to deal with Ramona chastising him for not writing down the address.  I'm sure he couldn't wait to get her out of his cab. He promised to take her tip next time.  I'd bet he'd prefer the monetary version.

LuAnn's Confused

Remind me never to go bikini shopping with Ramona.  Why is she fixated on having LuAnn check out her boobs?  It's a little odd.  Minus 5.

With St. Barts around the corner, who will actually make the trip and how many Housewives will make it home.  We'll have to wait until next week to find out.

Episode total: -29; Season total: -329

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Poor Aviva. She suffers from "Poor Me" syndrome.


Fossie we should email bravo tv! Maybe all the viewers could vote one person from each city! Also, I forgot Michaela from DC housewives. She is a mental case!


Ramona is a "quiet" bi-polar!!!! Apparently her husband is not working. Lu Ann is a serious "wannabe"!!!!! Ramona needs to have a brain scan to determine why her eyes buck out like they do. Apparently they alllll want to be like and smart. And Bethany is a psychological basket case as well.


garrett....OMG! Stick them all in the same house like on the Real World and since they're all insane we'd get to see who comes out alive. I think I'd tune in for that just for laughs.


And nene! How could I forget her!!!


I would love to see a real housewives all star show with the craziest from each show. Like surreal house, with Ramona, Theresa, Alexis, Taylor, and the dark haired chick from rhw Miami. That would be AWESOME!!!!!!


Tamra is a bitch
Viki no amount of plastic surgery would ever make you look good, your just plain ugly
All need to get lives and proper jobs, get this irritating shit off tv
Shamefull excuses for women, and the one that talks like a bloke, their just a bunch of lazy ass hoes with nothing else to do than bitch bout each other ( they all need to take a look at themselves before slagging off each other) nasty fake duck lipped Trollopes


Ramona needs to go. She's a bully with a bad attitude and a big mouth. Sonja is just plain nuts and Aviva has issues, but at least she has a good heart.


Good rundown on the show. Just starting it now... hmmm, week after week, some of these ladies? Nutjobs! Makes for great entertainment, though, watchiong those who are SO convinced that they are SO superior to others behave like common thugs and bullies! Conduct UNbecoming, ladeeeez--and I use the word, "ladies" very very loosely.