The Honey Badger Meets Honey Boo Boo [Video]

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The Honey Badger is one crazy, nasty ass creature. As one wildly popular and hilarious video once warned us, you do NOT want to mess with this animal.

He doesn't give a you-know-what. He will simply take you and yours down!

Remind you of another (unfortunately) beloved specimen? One whose popularity continues to sky-rocket and who may earn more votes than the Republican nominee for President?

Yes, we're talking about Honey Boo Boo and her eerie similarities to the Honey Badger. See what we mean in the following video:


I highly advise you to take this video down. Randall is very upset that his voice has been used on a video that exploits children and the obese, and without his permission. I will let him know ASAP that you still have it posted on your site.


How can ppl NOT pick on these ppl??? They are a train wreck like no other. They're on tv for God's sake. They and you should not expect ppl to watch theirr show but not have an opinion. That's ridiculous. They're not being paid to act that way, they ARE that way.




I agree Margie, this poor child will grow up thinking this behaviour is acceptable. I hope she is truly being taught how to be a young lady behind the cameras. I blame the parents. What a shame that so many people think it is okay to exploit this little girl.


how can people pick on this child! SHE IS A LITTLE GIRL! This family is being paid to act that way. You can tell that the show is edited. Leave them alone. If you dont like the show switch the channel!

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