Teresa Giudice Threatens to Divorce Husband

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SPOILER ALERT: On this Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Giudice refers to his wife as a "bitch" and a "c-nt."

Really. It's all caught on tape, as Joe takes a phone call and is overheard saying very bad things about Teresa Giudice.

Considering these actions actually took place months ago, of course, we know the couple remains together and no proof of infidelity has been uncovered. But if it ever is, Teresa tells In Touch...

Teresa Giudice Talks Split

... "I will not be with him. I will totally leave him."

The reality star adds that she is "not stupid," which is evident by the fact that she's banked millions by spilling details of her personal life to magazines across the country.

Teresa adds that she warned Joe to never use such language around her or about her again, but also says: "I can't defend him on this. I'm hurt and disappointed by him... [yet] we'll get past this. We have to."

Pssst, Joe, take our advice: apologize to Teresa via the cover of a supermarket tabloid. She's all about that.


I can't believe she hasn't seen through his BS along time ago.The way he always talks about her family. MAYBE it is just getting through to her that when he talks crap about her family he really means her. I think that most of her anal behavior comes from her feeling that she always has to either defend his actions & words . That would be enough to make anyone a little nuts. She hopefully has found out that she doesn't really need a big,fat,drunk,. Once she figures that out it's scarey. I wish her the best but wouldn't turn my back on her.


omg, those two are so classy!


I don't agree with ol' Joe saying that on camera, but she really is suuuuuch a b*tch! She has no friends because she is so childish & two-faced. Always out to make trouble & start her sh*t. Looking fwd. To the day when her & her forehead just GO AWAY!!!!


LOL, can't blame a guy for being honest! She IS a b*tch and a c*nt...can you imagine being around her 24/7??? Her girls will grow up to be the same way.
Unless Joe goes to jail, she won't leave him. She has no friends, and he's basically all she has. It's sad. And she really needs to do something about that forehead!

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